The study confirmed the promising application of clays mineral sorbents for wastewater purification from Chromium (III) ions. The process of chromium ions absorption from drain water by means of natural mineral sorbent glauconite in static conditions was investigated. 
The adsorption processes were adapted to the known technological schemes of sewage and polluted surface water purification from heavy metal ions. There were measured the technological aspects of water purification by using adsorption on natural dispersed sorbents.


Enhancement of Environmental Security of Destruction Processes of Water Pollutants in Ecosystems of Water Treatment Plants

At present, mechanical, chemical,biochemical and physicochemical methods of cleaning are developed and efficiently used to protect water bodies from sewage pollution. The methods of biochemical wastewater purification from organic

Перспективні шляхи утилізації кеку

The principal scheme of briquetting the cake that allows to solve the problem of accumulation the large number of cake on the sludge sites is proposed. The scheme is simple and environmentally completed. Запропоновано принципову схему брикетування кеку, що уможливить вирішити проблему накопичення його великої кількості на мулових майданчиках. Схема є простою і екологічно завершеною.

Using of silicate materials for sewage sorption treatment from heavy metals

The article presents the research results of using different types of silicate minerals, their modified forms for sewage sorption treatment. Their physical and chemical properties, the mechanisms of action and sorption efficiency of the widespread natural minerals are characterized in this paper.

Using of zeolite to clean the effluents of meat enterprises

Ecological evaluation of effluents from meat enterprises shows that processing of agricultural production is accompanied by consumption of large amount of water which is saturated with organic substances and a number of biogenic elements (phosphorus and nitrogen compounds) during its industrial utilization. Effectiveness of natural sorbents klynoptylolit use for removing of such pollutants as ammonium and phosphate ions and protein fractions was theoretically substantiated and proved.