General requirements to interactive exercises ofelectronic textbooks and tutorial for higher education and examples of their implementation in the Аdobe Сaptivate medium

Kharkiv National University of Economics
Kharkiv National University of Economics

The formulation of the problem For e-books one of the components have become interactive training exercises that help assimilate theoretical course material. According to the teaching of the subject is exercises are usually different. In each topic of one subject teachers can develop the problem of different formulation, a form of representation and the method for solving. But with didactic and some technical questions to interactive exercises and e-books should be set out general requirements.

The main part Interactive exercises on the topic of electronic books, that aimed to help learn theoretical material, will be called training exercises. General didactic and technical requirements may put forward to them. The main common didactic requirement for exercises is the exercise should be developed methodically and technically implemented so that it can be fulfilled by the students with varying degrees of theoretical material. This does not mean that such exercise must include the easiest task. Its task can be quite daunting, but in interact with her student the opportunity are given to complete all stages of its decision and at the same time learn and remember the material. This requirement is very urgent for electronic publications, including electronic books and electronic manuals that can be used by students on their own. Iinteraction with the textbook should partially replace the teacher and to help studying the material and solve the problem. Creating automated reports, tips and auto assistance has a positive psychological impact on the student and creates a good psychological and learning environment for the study of educational material. Common technical requirements are concerning to the performance of exercise and their use cases. First, it is necessary that the implementation of exercises were thought out for all possible interactions with its students. In this exercise, as software application, must adequately respond to all possible user actions and to provide explanatory message. Second, exercise, as a software application should be carefully tested to identify and eliminate possible incorrect responses and deviations from the designed scenario exercises. Following these general requirements in creating training exercises allow electronic textbook or electronic tutorial to hold student from understanding of exercise target setting to a successful resolution. Individual requirements for each exercise depends on the discipline, subject, methods of teaching, views of the authors. In article also consider examples of training exercises of e-learning books with elements of secondary and primary interactivity. There were demonstrated exercises with the possibility of selection, with the possibility of selection and tips, with tips and explanations for the various disciplines.

Conclusions Existing requirements for interactive training exercises have been implemented by the authors of these and other exercises that have been proven in the learning process and demonstrated its effectiveness. 

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