In recent years the chemistry of the materials for biomedical purpose is developing intensively. This is due to necessity to create of new generation of biocompatible composites for implants, effective drug delivery systems and substratum for tissue engineering. The various functional polymers that are suitable to immobilize and controlled release of synthetic medicinal substances, proteins, nucleic acids and other biopolymers under mild conditions are used for this purpose.

Genetic Algorithm Application for Synthesis and Analysis of Electromechanical Systems

One of modern possible problem solutions of analysis and synthesis in electromechanical systems is the recourse to a genetic algorithm as a method of artificial intelligence. The originality of the proposed approach lies in the usage of fractional order models to solve the above-mentioned problem. The quality function is proposed to be used in the developed algorithms for analysis and synthesis procedures of electromechanical systems. It is also proposed to get the desired outcome of results deviation from the set values by means of quality function control after each iteration.

Structural and Kinematic Synthesis of the 1-DOF Eight-Bar Walking Mechanism with Revolute Kinematic Pairs

Problem statement. The use of existing and the most widespread drives (wheeled and caterpillar one) is sometimes limited by complicated operational conditions while moving on rough terrain. The mentioned drives require a relatively flat surface to be operated effectively. A rocky or a hilly terrain imposes the demand of the use of alternative types of drives, in particular, walking ones.

Oleochemical synthesis of sulfanes, their structure and properties

For the first time, oleochemical sulfanes were synthesized via sequential vulcanization of fatty acid alkyl esters from rapeseed oil by benzoyl peroxide and elemental sulfur. Their structure and properties were established by the methods of instrumental analysis and it was shown that oleochemical sulfanes are complex structures with different cross-linking degrees, which provide excellent antioxidant and tribological characteristics and do not cause steel or copper corrosion under harsh test conditions.

Reduction of phase interactions in control processes of “arc steel-making furnace – power supply system” complex electrical technological system

In the article system engineering solutions for enhancing the single-phase autonomy of the processes of controlling the coordinates of electrical mode (EM) in an electrical mechanical sub-system of moving the electrodes of  an electric arc steel-making furnace by including a cross-link compensator into its structure. The technique of the synthesis of transfer functions of the cross-link compensator in phase control channels are proposed and mathematical models of cross-link compensators for electric arc furnace EAF-3 (ukr. ДСП-3) are obtained.

Технологія синтезу термітних жароміцних сталей з карбідним зміцненням

The possibility of synthesis of heat-resistant steels metallothermy are set as a result of theoretical and experimental work. The influence of the method of synthesis on metallothermic features of the microstructure and phase composition of the thermite steel was found. The mechanical and service properties and their dependence on temperature and the effect on the properties of the alloy grain thermite metal are set for thermite synthesized analogues of industrial heat-resistant steel grades “40Х15Н7Г7Ф2МС” and “37Х12Н8Г8МФБ”.

Nonlinear analysis in synthesis of the resonant vibro-impact systems

The paper considers differential equation of the vibro-impact resonance system with an asymmetric piecewise linear elastic characteristic. The time-instant of switching of elastic characteristic is determined on the basis of equality of oscillation period to average value of the corresponding eigenfrequencies. Then, expansion of the asymmetric piecewise linear elastic characteristic into Fourier series was made. The initial differential equation was reduced to a kind of parametric equations of Hill’s andMathieu’s type with taking into account the time of elastic characteristic change.

Optimization of traffic cam on single criteria.

The analysis of movement modes of cam mechanisms is carried out. The technique of optimum movement modes synthesis is proposed; it allows to receive any modes which reflect certain properties of a cam mechanism. Complex optimum movement modes which simultaneously take into consideration several properties of cam mechanisms are most promising. Such optimum movement modes can be received on the basis of complex criteria taking into account optimum movement modes of cam mechanisms by single integrated criteria.

Метод використання онтологій у петлі OODA

In the paper the behavior of an intelligent agent in a competitive environment is investigated in the paper. The OODA loop is chosen for behavior simulation. The interaction of OODA loop stages (observation, orientation, decision support, action) with the ontology of tasks and subject area in which the agent operates was explored.