Problem of education of collective and personality in A. S. Makarenko’s works, and their role in educational process of MIA of Ukraine (to 90th anniversary of his death)

A. S. Makarenko became a part of history of the world pedagogy as one of the prominent theorists and a practical innovator. Study and publication of his works in 29 languages of the peoples of the USSR prove the fact that A. Makarenko became a world-class educator. His works were published in 24 languages abroad. The formation of A. Makarenko’s philosophical and pedagogical worldview was greatly influenced by the works of prominent foreign teachers Ya. Komensky, I. Pestalozzi, K. Ushinsky, J. J. Russo, J. Locke, I. Disterverg etc. A.

Intensification of responsibility for defaulting alimony

The innovations of the national legislation in the area of responsibility for defaulting alimony have been analyzed in the article: share reduction of property division, fine increase, the infliction of administrative penalty in the form of social utility work, some rights limit, automated arrest of debtor ‘s means following the final process about exaction of alimony, prohibition to take certain positions in public service.

Тhe responsibility of marriage

The article examines the question types, reasons and measures of mutual responsibility of wife and husband. Determined that the responsibilities arising from the marriage – a mutual responsibility of husband and wife for the behavior during the marriage, the marriage relationship and for violating the rights of each other as parents after divorce.

The problem of gender equality: new challenges and threats

According to sociological data, the majority of Ukraine’s population has the highest level of confidence in a Church and shares traditional Christian views on the composition of the family, education of children, the role of a mother and a father in children’s education. Therefore, the paper focuses on the understanding of gender equality through the prism of the Christian worldview.

Historical-philosophical aspects of legal consciousness formation

This paper deals with the problem of the human I becoming in particular historicalphilosophical and philosophical-juridical aspects. Person’s consciousness formation is analyzed through the prism of constituting our subjectivity by means of learning cultural and spiritual heritage of previous epochs. The role and the place of innovative principles is shown in structuring psychical reality of a human being. The attempt is made to prove indivisibility and mutual dependency of principles of reproductive intellectual and productive creative activities.

The notion and the meaning of freedom and its connection with law

General theoretical principles regarding the understanding of the essence of freedom
are analyzed. The notion and meaning of freedom are outlined. Certain types of freedom are
characterized. A connection between freedom and law has been identified. The correlation
between “freedom in law” and “rights for freedom” and their meanings are established

Responsibility and irresponsibility: socio-legal paradigm

Article is devoted to the formulation of one of the most pressing problems in the philosophical and legal study of the social responsibility of man, namely the problem of sociolegal paradigm value of responsibility and irresponsibility. The purpose of this paper is to emphasize both theorists and practitioners for positioning accents in the scientific and practical relevance of this type of interaction. The author gives some ideas on philosophical and legal understanding of the legal paradigm of responsibility and irresponsibility.