geomagnetic field

Dynamics of solar activity and variations of geomagnetic field and It’s ecological distarbence

In the paper the dynamic of solar activity and connected to it the geomagnetic field variations and its ecological disturbance on Ukrainis territory is analyzed. It is shown that solar activity concerning to the cycles with 100–200 years periods is in the state of transition to decreasing. Interconnection of the quasibiennial variations of solar and geomagnetic activities is studied. It is shown that ecological disturbance of geomagnetic field on Ukrainis the Ukrainis territory do not exceed of the quota.

Secular variations of geomagnetic field in Europe during the 1995–2005 years

The spatial structure of geomagnetic field secular variations in Europe was examined. Using the data of geomagnetic observatories the new maps of this secular variation (SV) for X, Y, Z, D – components for 5-years intervals 1995-2000 and 2000-2005 were constructed. Their comparison with the IGRM global geomagnetic models was done. The global anomalies – SV-focuses in the structure of the secular variations in Europe were discovered and their kinematics was studied.

Analysis of relations between local geomagnetic field anomalous changes and earthquakes in Transcarpathian deep fault zone

The influence of seismic events development in the vicinity of Transcarpathian deep fault on the anomalous times changes of local geomagnetic field are investigated. Interpretation of detected geomagnetic field anomalous time changes is performed by electrokinetic effect using vertical contact model. This model is good to describe faults active zones. Due to obtained results it was concluded the adequacy of chosen model for estimation of local geomagnetic field precursors for earthquakes in the deep fault zone.

Kursk magnetic anomaly: analysis and interpretation of the anomalous magnetic field based on the ground and satellite survey data

All the available cartographic materials on the geomagnetic field of the Kursk Magnetic Anomaly are summarized. Analysis of the anomalous magnetic field (ΔТ)а at the surface and at height of 5 km was carried out. Some anomalies have intensity from -6000 nT to 15,000 nT on the surface and from -1500 ÷ 7500 nT at 5 km.