Energy conservation is becoming increasingly more relevant for Ukraine and the world, and architectural education must meet one of the most significant challenges of our time. The article analyzes the existing laws and regulations of our country and points out to the lack of a number of national standards necessary for architectural design. It focuses on the problems of real design and ways to solve them within the framework of architectural training.

Види архітектури систем підтримки прийняття рішень

Description of architecture of the system of support of decision-making is offered in the article. The analysis of types of architecture is conducted, architecture of informative resource of the systems of support of decision-making, which is based on principles of construction of depository of information is considered.

Архітектура багаторівневої системи управління енергоефективністю регіону

The list of problems that can be solved by multilevel system of energy efficiency of the region were determined. Requirements for the implementation of each system component were formulated. It was shown that the technological process control’s components should provide processing of intensive data streams in real time. Also components have to satisfy limitations on size, power consumption and cost.

Historical parallels in the formation of architecture of railway stations in Halychyna and Tyrol

The aim of the given article is to trace the origins of common forms of space and plasticity in railway station buildings in Halychyna (Galicia) and Tyrol and reveal their most important features and trends in their formation.

Development of Sacral Architecture In Wooden Treasures of The Sky (Middle of XIX–XXI Centuries)

Skolivshchyna architecture in the tree became famous not only all over Ukraine, but beyond it. After all, Boiko wooden architecture already occupies a prominent place in the history of world architecture with its originality and plurality of building types. Each of these types has its own special image.

Models and methods of synthesis description of rational architecture information system

This paper describes the models and methods, the use of which can solve the problem of synthesis of architecture description of information system. The method of synthesis of options of architecture description of information system was developed. A game-theoretical model describing the synthesis of rational architecture describe of information system. Features of using synthesized description to determine project constraints are described.

Aspects manifestation of uncertainty in the process of developing decision support systems

This article describes the classification and approaches to the construction of DSS that take into account various aspects of the uncertainty of the development of DSS. Features of the classification were proposed and described. Generalized classification of DSS was improved. The analysis of the types of architecture, architecture reviewed information resource decision support systems, based on the principles of building a data warehouse.

Modern Approaches to the Solving Migration Problems: the Architectural Component of the Migrant's Socialization

The purpose of the article is to identify and reveal the relationship between the architectural type of housing/resettlement for migrants and the integration of such a category of persons into the structure of the native population of the receiving state.