Феномен нації у науковому дискурсі: до методології проблеми історичної спадкоємності нації та держави

Висвітлено панівні у вітчизняній та світовій науковій думці підходи щодо сутності
поняття “нація”, його змісту й обсягу, часу появи, а також взаємозв’язку з поняттями
“етнос” і “народ”. Наголошено на тому, що поняття “нація” найчастіше корелює з
поняттями “етнос” і “народ”. Висловлено думку, що нація – це народ, піднесений
запасом державницьких сил, наділений змогою до самоідентифікації й відмежування від
інших націй державними кордонами, а також-інтегрування інших націй до складу своєї
держави на правах національних меншин.

The phenomenon of the nation in the scientific discussion: to the methodology of the problemof historical continuity of the nation and state

The prevailing approaches in the domestic and world scientific thought are the
approaches to the essence of the concept of «nation», its content and volume, the time of
appearance, as well as the relationship with the concepts of «ethnos» and «people». It is
emphasized that the concept of «nation» most often correlates with the concepts of «ethnos»
and «people». The idea is that the nation is a people that is exalted by the stockpile of state
forces, endowed with the ability to identify and separate from other nations the state borders,

Ukrainian national state: feature to historiosophy problem

The phenomenon of Ukrainian state as a nation is investigated in the context of historiosophical approaches. It has been suggested that the process of Ukrainian national state is dependable on constants of values – a kind of national ideas within the stages of development of Ukrainian statehood. It is assumed that such value to the Ukrainian time laying the foundations of national statehood, can be considered the concept of “freedom” and subsequently derived from it “will”, “freedom”. They all have a modern day comparable to the concept of “democracy” in its broadest sense.

Ukrainian immigration press of Canada and USA as a factor of adoption of Ukrainian statehood

Ukraine and immigration processes in Ukraine began to attract the attention of scientists and researchers from their origin. Basically they were all the same immigrants who, being in new surroundings, were able to study the phenomenon of emigration “from the inside”. At the stage of building a legal sovereign state Ukraine becoming increasingly important processes in the public life of the Ukrainian people in the country and abroad.