Energy analysis of the production line for canned carrot production

: 145-151
Lviv Polytechnic National University
Lviv Polytechnic National University

An energy-saving scheme for the production of candied carrots has been developed. The developed scheme includes: washing of raw materials with 1% NaHCO3 solution, reduction of water consumption for blanching, reduction of syrup consumption for saturation of raw materials with sugar. A new drying technology is introduced: candied fruits are dried in a variable temperature mode, namely: in the initial stages with a heat agent at a temperature of 70 0C, at the final stage - with a heat agent at a temperature of 20 0C. The process of modeling the traditional and energy-saving scheme of candied carrot production in the universal simulation software ChemCad is carried out. The simulation results are analyzed. It is proved that the total energy efficiency of the implemented technology is 340.4 MJ / h or 354.6 kJ / kg of finished product.

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