Requirements for materials

Abstract should be prepared in *.docx, *.doc format.

File name should contain the presenter’s name (e. g. Kovalenko_abstract).

Page layout: single A4 page, page margins are: 20 mm top, 30 mm left, 1,5 mm right, 20 mm bottom, without pagination.

Font – Times New Roman, 12 pt, single space.

Abstract should be prepared as follows:

  • the title: capital letters without hyphenation, bold, aligned to the center of the page;
  • authors’ names (the presenter’s name – underlined, italic);
  • authors’ affiliations;
  • е-mail;
  • after one space, the main text: alignment – justify, paragraph first line – 12,5 mm.

Figures, schemes, formulas and tables should not exceed the margins.

In case of significant deviations from the recommendations the organizing committee reserves the right to edit the abstract text.

Abstract template (.doc)24.71 KB