: 140-152
Lviv Polytechnic National University
Lviv polytechnic national university, Department of Architecture and Conservation

In the article, the authors emphasise that the early modern wooden and earthworks fortifications of Podillia have been virtually unexplored. For the first time, the results of field research of the preserved castle in the village of Kokhanivka of Turbivka settlement community of Lypovets district, Vinnytsia region, and in the seventeenth century - in the city of Kohanhorod (Kokhaniv) are introduced into scientific circulation. This object interested researchers for several reasons: first, even in the poorly preserved outline of the fortifications, the remains of defensive structures of the newest fortification for the early modern period can be read, and second, there is a well-known historical reference about this fortified private-owned city and its owner, the Bratslav judge Olbricht Kokhanovskyi, formed in the nineteenth century. The field research was carried out using photogrammetric aerial photography. The results were processed in software adapted for working with point clouds and translating them into 3D models. The resulting model was made in real scale, which made it possible to make its measurements. The article reveals the architectural features and presents the current state of preservation of the castle. Using the materials of field research, historical cartography and descriptions, a graphic reconstruction of the castle was made. Recommendations for further research and measures to preserve the monument of the early seventeenth century are developed.

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