: 1-6
Vasyl Stefanyk Lviv National Scientific Library of Ukraine Visiting researcher at the University of Minnesota (USA)

The paper is based on English language book editions printed in the USA during 1920-1930s about Ukraine, or
where Ukraine been mentioned. It deals with non-fiction publications by the Ukrainian diaspora in the US, the books of
American authors, and editions translated from other languages into English. Ukraine was mentioned in a general history
books about Europe during and after World War I, and also in a writings dedicated to the situation in the USSR.
Ukrainian-Americans produced at least dozens of books in English about their Homeland. Special attention been paid to
editions written by those who travelled through Ukraine during interested period. These publications helps to understand
what was the image of Ukraine and Ukrainians in interwar America.

1. Benns, L. (1937). Europe Since 1914 New York,
F.S. Crofts; 2. Bolshevik Misrule in Ukraine (1933). Detroit,
American Ukrainian Committee; 3. Bukata, W. (1938). The
Ukrainian Cause. New York, National Manifestation for
Independence of Ukraine; 4. Davis, J. (1922). The Russians
and Ruthenians in America. Bolsheviks or Brothers. New York,
GED Company; 5. Doroshenko, D. (1939). History of Ukraine.
Detroit, Hetman Movement Leadership; 6. Duranty, W.,
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Revolutionary Russia. 1891–1991. A History . New York,
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Moscvie Russia. Scranton, Ukrainian Workingmen’s Assn;
11. Gibbons, H. (1923). Europe since 1918. New York, London,
The Century Co.; 12. Granovsky Alexander – letter from
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34.Shapoval, M. (1925) Stara i Nova Ukraina. Lysty v
Ameryku. New York, Vydannia Ukrainskoi Hromady.