Formation and classification of quality indices for qualimetric evaluation of production of vegetable growing

: pp. 137-146
Lviv Polytechnic National University
Lviv Politecnic National University

Vegetables has a number of specific properties that aremanifested in consumption, storage and processing of vegetables. The study is the formation and systematization of quality vegetable products to develop common principles for the evaluation and determination of complex quality indicator taking into account the needs of different profiles of consumers. The main tasks of quality control of vegetable products, according to the author, are: – Support structure and classification of quality products of vegetables; – Development of methods for determining quantitative assessments of quality products of vegetables; – Development of algorithmfor determining the complex indicator of quality products of vegetable divers to consumer needs. The level of Ukrainian harmonization of regulations with European and international is currently insufficient, there are still valid outdated standards that have significant differences from European and international on the classification of products in quality, safety indicators and methods of control quality and product safety. Regulatory documents describe the values of quality perfomance in the types of vegetables, but they are not normalized the values of all quality indicators vegetables. In a number of standards is describing methods for determining the content of harmful elements in vegetables. It was established that the existing system of evaluating the quality of vegetable production is imperfect. First, it does not regulate the determination of complex perfomance of quality, but only the individual values, and secondly, not all indicators are covered by quality vegetables, thirdly, not all quality indicators regulated requirements for their regulation, and units of measurement, in- fourth, do not take into account the needs of different consumers. Therefore, the proposed set of indicators of quality vegetables that fully characterize the properties of vegetables, their sistematization, putting priority of requirements, which allows to take into account the needs of different customers, laying the theoretical foundations to answer applied problems of quality control of vegetables. Established range of indicators quality products of vegetables and identified the following groups quality indicators: indicators of impairment; organoleptic indicators; indicators of technological purpose; safety performance; indicators transportability. The group of utility performance indicators are part of vegetables that should be divided into the following groups: indicators of nutrient content, indexes the content of vitamins, minerals content indicators, indicators of antioxidant activity. Organoleptic performance divided into subgroups: appearance, physical size indicators, indicators of taste, odor performance. Indicators include keeping quality technological purposes, characterizing safety of vegetables and duration determined in days, and compliance usage method, which determine propose in points. Indicators advisable to include security indicators characterizing the degree of contamination of vegetable toxins, mycotoxins and nitrates, lack of exposure to extend storage, lack of processing of stimulation freshness, indicator absence of genetically modified varieties. Indicators of transportability characterizing opportunity transportation vegetables: duration of transportation and the availability of appropriate packaging during transport. Developed quality evaluation table carrots presented each indicator thresholds, specified priority requirements, which can set consumers according to their needs, and the indicator in evaluating the quality of carrot. It is offered and characterized a set of indicators as quality vegetables, set them measure units, grouped set parameters for providing a comprehensive evaluation of the properties of vegetables, considering the needs of different profiles of consumers. Determined that it is appropriate to conduct a comprehensive evaluation of quality vegetables, and for such a comprehensive evaluation of quality vegetables is necessary to amend the regulations, regulating individual thresholds for quality vegetables.

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