: pp. 76-81
National Technical University of Ukraine «Igor Sikorsky Kyiv Polytechnic Institute»
National Technical University of Ukraine «Igor Sikorsky Kyiv Polytechnic Institute»

Broadband transfer power wattmeter with the correction of the own consumption error for measuring the active power against the background of large reactive components in the radio frequency range is considered in article. Objects of research are electromagnetic elements (chokes / transformers), operating at high frequencies till units of megahertz and are inherent in the strongly distorted forms of signals. Features of the construction of the input link of the wattmeter of transfer power with the middle point of the shunt are described. Active power with taking into account the impact of the shunt reactive component calculation formulas is presented. Transfer power wattmeter input link, which contains the middle point of the shunt created by the additional resistive divider simulation, is performed.

To obtain the power value, the RMS values of voltages are calculated by the proposed formulas. The voltage, load current and cosine of the phase shift between them areal so computed as well as the error caused by the reactive component of the shunt line and the active power value.

The advantages of such a wattmeter design are the next:

- the possibility of expanding the frequency range by compensating for the influence of the reactive component of the shunt resistance on the result of measurement; that can be achieved not only by hardware (reducing the shunt inductance), but also by introducing a calculated correction after measuring the values of the active and reactive shunt components;

-thedimensions of the input device elements can be optimized according to the criterion of maximum broadband, since the error from own consumption is taken into account;

- in the diagram of figure 3 one low-level shunt is used, which reduces the cost of a wattmeter;

- the additive errors of the voltage transformation channel are minimized, which increases the sensitivity.

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