Lean management un the context of economic growth and development

Economic growth planning plays an important role because it ensures the efficient operation of the company, and efficient operations cannot be carried out without reducing production costs. That is why it is expedient to implement a system of planning of lean management for the purpose of economic growth in the context of the introduction of new types of foreign economic activity. Therefore, the purpose of the work is to develop measures for planning economic growth at the enterprise in the context of introduction of new types of foreign economic activity.

Examples of expenses related to negative scenarios of software use

This paper represents a list of widely known issues of risk implementation related to specific negative scenarios of software use. The core selection criteria were an opportunity to identify impact areas that led to the core losses for each case. Main preconditions, course of events and consequences are highlighted. In addition, it is explicitly defined which negative scenario was ignored or missed and how it led to the damage.

Modelling of expenses quol regulation of losses related to negative scenarios of software use

The modern software development uses ‘use cases’ as a core tool of applications’ business logic description. Their core aim is to describe a scenario leading to the delivery of the application’s business value. Aside from positive use cases intended to describe an aim of this application or it’s core features negative use cases are describing acts of software misuse able to cause undesirable consequences. At some circumstances, such misuse may cause significant losses for business and society. But on the other hand mitigation of negative scenarios may raise project costs.


Broadband transfer power wattmeter with the correction of the own consumption error for measuring the active power against the background of large reactive components in the radio frequency range is considered in article. Objects of research are electromagnetic elements (chokes / transformers), operating at high frequencies till units of megahertz and are inherent in the strongly distorted forms of signals. Features of the construction of the input link of the wattmeter of transfer power with the middle point of the shunt are described.

Technical losses of the recuperated electric energy in a dc traction power supply system

The efficiency of the recuperative braking of DC electric rolling stock is analyzed in the article. The monitoring of voltages and currents is done for EPL2T trains and VL8 locomotives in the traction and recuperative braking modes. Basic, additional and total technical losses of the recuperated energy are calculated for a DC traction power system. The statistical and theoretical distributions of the RMS current, the additional and total losses are drawn, and their basic probabilistic coefficients are calculated.