: pp. 55-63
National Academy of the National Guard of Ukraine
State Scientific and Testing Center of the Armed Forces of Ukraine
Hetman Petro Sahaidachnyi National Army Academy

Modern  and  promising  examples  of  military  communication  technology  belong  to  the  most  knowledge-intensive and high-tech types of industrial products, which are subject to increased requirements for quality and efficiency of use. The  effective  functioning  of  the  system  of  scientific  and  technical  support  for  the  development  (modernization)  of  military equipment of  communication  is based on  the main  types of support, which  includes the metrological support.  In  this case,  it  is important  to  analyze  and  evaluate  the  correctness of  the  task of  the  requirements  for  the metrological provision of  samples of military  communication  equipment  and  control  over  their  implementation.  Control  (measurement)  of  parameters  of  military equipment of communication and the choice of necessary measuring equipment takes place during metrological service, when their technical condition is established, which is the main task of technical diagnostics. When defining the values of parameters from the norm  the  following  problem  of  technical  diagnostics  is  solved  -  the  search  and  replacement  of  the defective  element. Then  to reduce  the  number  of  measurements  the  conventional  diagnostic  algorithms  are  applied.  The  main  content  of  the  work  on justification of the requirements for metrological support consists of the choice of the nomenclature of measuring instruments. All these tasks are solved during the metrological examination of technical means. The well-known works highlight the results of the improvement of partial methods of metrological examination of military communication technology.

The  procedure  for  applying  methods  for  assessing  the  validity  of  technical  solutions  for  the  metrological  support  of military  communication  technology  is  considered  on  the  example  of  the  modern  short-wave  radio  station  R-1150,  which  is designed to provide two-way interference-protected telephone and telegraph radio communication and for data transmission over shortwave radio channels. The short-wave radio station P-1150 is one of the modern models of domestic production, which was adopted by the Armed Forces of Ukraine.

The main stages of the complex method of metrological examination of military communication technique are revealed. Implementation of these stages in a complex way allows to minimize the number of measuring parameters and establish a rational sequence  of  their  measurement,  which  will  reduce  the  time  of  establishing  the  technical  state  of  military  communication equipment, and justification of the value of the probability of correct measurement of the measured parameter allows you to choose cheaper means of measuring equipment for military use.

Conducting an experimental study showed that it is possible to reduce the time and the corresponding labor costs to assess the technical state of the short-wave radio station P-1150 by 31,0 %, and with a measurement error margin of 24,4 %.

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