: pp. 71-82
Lviv Polytechnic National University
Lviv Polytechnic National University
Lviv Polytechnic National University, Ukraine
Lviv Polytechnic National University

Cyber-physical  systems  as  dispersed  systems  based  on  interacting  networks  of  physical  and  computing components provide new functionalities for improving the quality of measurement processes. It is proposed to carry out automated operational setup of metrological parameters of these systems measuring channels during operation basing on the code-controlled measures-imitators. The  application  of  such measures  allows  the  implementation  of  control  systems  ensuring  the  suitability  of measuring  methods  and  measuring  equipment  to  intended  applications.  It  is  also  shown  that  the  operational  control  of  the measuring  channels  parameters  allows  ensuring  the  metrological  conformity  and  reliability  of  the  dispersed  cyber-physical systems, since the traditional methods cannot be used here. It demonstrates that construction of passive electric values calibrators disparate of active ones, is associated with fundamental constraints due to the impacts of the switching elements parameters. It is confirmed that the implement of the simulating electric resistance principle for the considered circuits is conjugated simultaneously to the enhancement of discreteness, exactness and reliability, and functionality. 

It  is  proposed  to  implement  the  four-clamping  measures  of  electric  resistance  at  the  low-voltage  reproduction  range. Enhancement of  the obtained measurements  results  is achieved by  their processing  for  two polarities of  the measuring currents. Ways of designing  four-conductor  resistance  imitators with  invariance  to  their  additive  errors  impacts  are  considered.  It  is  also suggested and analyzed code-controlled measures of admittance, which can be used for impedance meters’ operative control. The errors  analysis  envisages  that  the  simulators  metrological  properties  of  immittance  measures  could  be  determined  only  by parameters of the applied measures of resistance, capacitance and inductance. 

The suggested and analyzed code-controlled measure structures of electrical resistance and complex conductivity on  the basis  of  chip-programmable  systems  can  be  implemented  in microelectronics.  Practical  implementation  of  a  universal  portable calibrator of active and passive electric values with automatic error correction is considered.

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