: pp. 64-72
Lviv Polytechnic National University
Lviv Polytechnic National University

In order to ensure the suitability of measurement methods and measuring equipment of cyber-physical systems based on the  interacting  networks  of  physical  and  computing  components,  measuring-management  subsystems  are  implemented.  Realization  of operational-checking  methods  of  parameters  of  measurement  channels  of  scattered  cyber-physical  systems  on  the  basis  of  traditional approaches  is  practically  impossible  due  to  the  necessity  of  dismantling  and  re-installation  of  their  measuring  units.  In  addition,  no metrological checks of connecting lines between sensors and measuring channels, and between measuring devices of different hierarchies are foreseen. Implementation of the mentioned methods on the basis of portable code-managed measures is related to the need for automatic error adjustment for each of the values of the set codes and the significant influence of the parameters of switching elements; this becomes possible only if there is a precision element base for reproduction of value homogeneous with a measurable one.

It is proposed to carry out operational control of measuring channels of cyber-physical systems on the basis of test methods, which makes it possible to track changes in the measured value. For speed, spatial separation of measuring channels with error correction should be used. Three input structures of the measuring channel of DC voltage are proposed and their transformation function is given. It is shown for minor changes in the measured value the result of the measurement can be obtained during one conversion cycle. During significant changes in the measured value, if it is necessary to adjust the parameters of the technological process in real time, one can determine the rate of its change during 3 successive conversion cycles and choose any of the obtained values.

Analysis of errors has exemplified  that  the metrological properties of measuring channels of cyber-physical systems are defined  only  by  parameters  of  single-valued  measures  of  the  certain  electrical  quantities.  The  possibility  of  realizing  remote calibration in real time of measurement channels of DC voltage is emphasized, provided that the unambiguous voltage measure is made the removable and portable, and it is possible to make correction of its additional errors.

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