: pp. 41-48
Lviv Polytechnic National University
Lviv Polytechnic National University
Lviv Polytechnic National University
PJSC “S&P association “Thermoprylad” named after V . Lakh”

The successful implementation of the systems of automation in metallurgical industry is impossible without the presence of reliable primary information about the parameters of technological process. A temperature is one of basic parameters that determine the quantitative and quality indicators of the final products. Therefore the technological processes of metallurgical industry need the presence of various primary transformers of temperature with high accuracy, sensitivity, stability and resistance to interference.

The article gives a review of thermometric and construction materials for creation of primary measuring transducers with the  set  metrological  descriptions,  transducers  for  measuring  of  temperature  in  a  domain  production,  gas  streams  in  the technological processes of metallurgy, molten metals and intellectual measuring transducers.

Depending on the technologically possible limits of errors of measuring of temperature in different metallurgical processes, this  article  offers  application  of  existent  technical  equipment  for  these  measures  with  providing  their  features,  metrological descriptions, overall dimensions and general view.

In this article the basic requirements to the temperature measuring in metallurgy are provided, as well as basic properties of thermometric and construction materials that must be taken into account for providing metrological and operating descriptions of primary measuring  transducers  are  considered.  It  offers  primary  measuring  transducers  for measuring  of  temperature  of  entry parameters,  parameters  of  domain  process,  equipment  and  gas  streams  in  a  domain  production,  transducers  for measuring  of temperature of molten metals. The basic requirements to the intellectual measuring transformers for measuring of temperature in metallurgy are considered, as well as their brief review and metrological characteristics.

Tools of measuring  the temperature are systematized  for different  technological processes  in metallurgy, which gives an opportunity to correctly choose transducers by metrological descriptions and structural parameters.

The  article  attempts  to  acquaint  specialists,  researchers,  scientists, graduate  students  and  students with new devices  for measuring temperatures in different metallurgical processes, which are commercially produced in Ukraine.

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