Peculiarities of Producing an Electrolytic Iron Powder from Rolling Manufacture Waste

: pp. 121-128
The National Metallurgical Academy of Ukraine
National Metallurgical Academy of Ukraine
National Metallurgical Academy of Ukraine

The electrolytic iron powder with controlled shape and size of particles and required structural, physical and functional properties was synthesized. The electrolytic precipitation of dispersed iron was carried out using a steel soluble anode and a titanium cathode. Sulfate electrolyte was used; the shape of the cathode was a plate; the electrolysis time was 1 h. Experimental studies were carried out using correlation-regression analysis. The average particle size and morphology were determined using optical microscopy. Based on the results of the experiments, polynomial models that adequately describe the established relationships of the parameters studied were obtained. The most significant factors are the circulation rate of the electrolyte, the cathodic current density, and the concentration of iron vitriol in the electrolyte.

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