Clay Enriched With Ca2+ and Cu2+ As the Catalyst for the Production of Methyl Esters from CPO on a Laboratory Scale

: pp. 678 - 683
Laboratory of Material Chemistry, University of Andalas
Laboratory of Physical Chemistry, University of Andalas
Laboratory of Natural Product Chemistry, University of Andalas
Laboratory of Material Chemistry, University of Andalas

Indarung clay (Indarung region, Indonesia) has been successfully enriched with Ca2+ and Cu2+ ions. XRF, XRD, FTIR, and SAA analyses confirmed that calcination process had no significant effect on improving its performance so that the clay was simply heated at 383 K before use. Measurements using AAS showed that the clay is enriched with Cu2+ ions more easily than Ca2+ ions. The catalytic activity test carried out for the transesterification of crude palm oilshowed that under the same reaction conditions Cu2+ enriched Indarung clay yields most methyl ester to compare with other four catalysts (Ca2+ enriched clay, parent clay, Ca-nitrate and Cu-nitrate).

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