Hybrid Mineral-Polymeric Composite Materials on the Basis of the Polyaniline and Glauconite-Silica

Mykhaylo Yatsyshyn, Oleksandr Reshetnyak, Nataliya Dumanchuk, Yuriy Kulyk, Nataliya Fartushok and Yuriy Stadnyk

Polyaniline/glauconite-silica (PАn / Gl-Si) composite were obtained by one-step in situ polymerization of aniline in the presence of microdispersion of natural mineral glauconite-silica. The physico-chemical properties (phase content, thermal stability, conductivity and magnetization) of the produced samples of composites with different ratio of components have been studied. It was shown that the polymeric component stipulates the conductivity for the synthesized composite samples, while the mineral particles stipulate their magnetic properties and higher thermal stability in comparison with individual polyaniline. Besides, it was determined that participation of the surface of glauconite-silica microparticles in the process of aniline polymerization leads to considerable increasing of ordering of the polymer in the composite.

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