Prospects of oil and gas of Upper Juradeep rocks complex of foreign area of Carpathian foredeep

: 103-106
DP “Naukanaftohaz”, Ivan Franko National University of Lviv
SE "Naukanaftogaz" NJSC "Naftogaz Ukrainy"
DP "Naukanaftogaz" NJSC "Naftogaz Ukrainy", Branch "Carpathian Center"; Scientific and Technic Company "DEPROIL LTD"
DP “Naukanaftohaz” NAK “Naftohaz Ukrainy”, Karpatskyi tsentr, m. Lviv
DP “Naukanaftohaz” NAK “Naftohaz Ukrainy”, Karpatskyi tsentr, m. Lviv

As a result of a complex analysis of geological, geophysical and seismic materials and drilling data in the area of distribution of stratigraphic complex of the Upper Jurassic the regional zones of development of bioherm facilities was defined and the historical and genetic features of their development was described. Based on the analysis of geological and geophysical characteristics of facies which are associated with bioherms and by the study of core and geophysical material from the Upper Jurassic formations of the Carpathian Foredeep the main criteria for their oil and gas presence are determined. The prospective oil-and-gas-bearing areas are distinguished.

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