Environmental monitoring, control of extraction and processing of pollymetalic ores based on X-ray radiometric investigations

: pp. 145 - 147
Received: July 02, 2013
Kazakhmys Corporation LLC
Karaganda State Technical University
Karaganda State Technical University
Karaganda State Technical University

Purpose. The purpose of research - the creation of effective systems for monitoring and quality control of copper-bearing ores and their products at the stages of mining and processing of nonferrous metallurgy flagship redistribution of Kazakhstan on "Zhezkazgan» "Kazakhmys Corporation" due to the wide use of modern nuclear-geophysical technology testing tools and hardware and analysis of ores and industrial products of their processing in which problems are solved highly effective environmental monitoring. Methods. Developed and adapted to the geological conditions of mines and concentrators complex nuclear-geophysical technology testing and analysis of ores, which allows not only to control, but also control the quality of copper ores around the main list and related industrial components, which is very important for the solution of environmental problems monitoring. The basic method of research is the X-ray radiometric method (PPM). Results. According to the research proposed to build a system of quality control and management of copper-bearing ores and environmental monitoring based on a set of nuclear-geophysical equipment Kazakhstan production in the energy-dispersive X-ray fluorescence which includes (EDXRF) spectrometers: RPP-12 portable and laboratory RLP-21 and RLP-21T, ensuring quality control of ores in the directions: X-ray radiometric testing faces ore in bulk, core and cuttings wells (RROZ), X-ray radiometric analysis of the worn samples of ores and their products (RRAP). Scientific novelty. The possibilities and limits of PPM of its practical application in the mountain stages of processing. It is proved that relying on the PPM, you can control the quality of copper ores and maintain an effective environmental monitoring around the list of industrial components, including the lungs and related items, as well as precious metals. For the first time it was shown that geological sampling and testing in the mines at concentrators OTC very large mining complex can be fully translated into a nuclear-geophysical technology testing ores. Direction "RRAP" failed to reach the threshold of sensitivity of silver and cadmium below 1 ppm, which for the PPM previously thought unattainable figure. The practical significance. Nuclear geophysical technologies for environmental monitoring of ores and their products will: establish tight control over production and lead-zinc-bearing ore in the mines, and virtually eliminate them from falling into the ore grade "copper sulfide; elementnogo organize monitoring and overall composition of industrial products Satpaev concentrator number 3 (SOF-3) for the eight elements.

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