Mathematical Model of Movement of Bulk Material in a Vibratory Separator

Aim. The aim is to construct the mathematical model of the movement of loose material in a vibrating separator. Method. The calculation scheme of the vibration separator with two eccentric vibrators with an independent drive was built. Based on the scheme, it is assumed that the vibration separator performs only vertical oscillations in the plane of rotation of the eccentric vibrators.


The methods of quality control of horilka by electrical parameters, in particular, dielectric constant, specific conductivity, and imitation components are analyzed. The research results of individual samples of alcohol solutions and horilkas of different brands by the method of admittance spectroscopy were also analyzed. Based on this, methods for detecting falsification of horilka products by the method of admittance spectroscopy are proposed. The reactive component of the control object's ad is selected as an informative parameter. Two types of falsification are analyzed.

Wave concept of motion in mathematical models of the dynamics of two-dimensional media studying

The methodology of the studying of dynamic processes in two-dimensional systems by mathematical models containing nonlinear equation of Klein-Gordon was developed. The methodology contains such underlying: the concept of the motion wave theory; the single - frequency fluctuations principle in nonlinear systems; the asymptotic methods of nonlinear mechanics. The aggregate content allowed describing the dynamic process for the undisturbed (linear) analogue of the mathematical model of movement.

Modeling of Steady-state Modes of the Electrical Network From the Synchronous Electric Drive of Hydraulic Loading

Pumping stations that provide fluid transportation by pipeline are significant consumers of electricity. Energy overruns due to sub-optimal modes of operation of individual high-power units or sub-optimal number of simultaneously operating less powerful units are quite significant and can have a significant impact on overall energy consumption. Energy overruns at pumping stations also lead to significant overruns in electricity grid elements.

Substantiation of parameters and modelling the operation of three-mass vibratory conveyer with directed oscillations of the working element

The purpose of research. The main goal of the presented research consists in substantiation of inertial, stiffness and force (excitation) parameters of mechanical oscillatory system of three-mass vibratory conveyer with directed oscillations of the working element in order to provide the highly efficient (high-performance) resonant operation mode. Methodology. The technique of the research is based on fundamental concepts of engineering mechanics and theory of mechanical vibrations.

Adaptive Radio Resources Management Considering Noiseimmunity Conditions

Operation of radio communication systems for special purposes (FSA SP) in practice is random in terms of various factors, some of which are codified in standards, and some — previously known. Specificity of modern shipyard JV determines the need to manage their operations in terms of parametric uncertainty as facility management and signaling uncertainty of external influences. So the challenge is the analysis and consideration of uncertainty arising from the operation of such a complex hierarchical system as the FSA SP.

Temperature Dependence Estimation of the Vibration and Frequency Sensor Resonator Mechanical State

The complex of technological and metrological researches concerning development of filamentous monocrystals application and fixing methods on various materials of substrate (elastic elements) is considered. The ways of uncontrolled distortions avoiding of the initial monocrystal defect-free structure that can occur at the nodes of its mounting and reduce the Q-value of the resonator oscillations, which is the main characteristic of the tensotransducer quality, is shown.

Система комп'ютеризованої стабілізації частоти діодного лазера

Розглянуто особливості та способи стабілізації частоти діодних лазерів. Визначено основні фактори нестабільності частоти діодних лазерів. Запропоновано використову- вати систему стабілізації методом цифрової фіксації частоти зі зсувом. Розроблено програмну та апаратну модель системи. Експериментальні дослідження підтвердили високу ефективність запропонованих засобів.

The defining of sample size for statistical analysis of texts

The article is dedicated to one of the most important areas of quantitative studies of language and speech that is the study of information and statistical properties of text. An attempt was made to establish Cheremshyna’s literary works percentage sufficient to analyze relative frequencies of characters in his works and to investigate the stability of these frequencies. A number of conclusions were made about the size of text passages which may form text-sample for statistical surveys.