Innovative aspects of development of digitalization of public governance in the USA

Problem setting. The public policy in the field of digitization is aimed at forming a qualitative basis for technological evolution and creating conditions for sustainable progress in all spheres of human and society’s life.  Currently, the process  of digital transformation of public administration is one of the priority directions in the conditions of increasing global challenges of digital technological development.

Problems and prospects of the development of industry 4.0 in Ukraine under the conditions of European integration

Experts considered the concept of the essence of "Industry 4.0" under European integration conditions. The problems, prospects, threats, and possibilities of processes of formation and further development of Industry 4.0 in Ukraine under the conditions of European integration are studied. The structure of approaches to the global interpretation of the "Industry 4.0" concept is given.

BLOCKCHAIN technology in the context of opportunities of digitalization of effective public administration

The urgency of the researched problem is conditioned by the need to make public administration and public administration in the State more transparent, first of all, through the introduction of such a system of government in which citizens would have confidence. It is noted that society has recently been thinking more and more about e-government, more broadly about ways to create innovative tools that would help better meet government obligations to him. It is emphasized that in this sense, Blockchain is the most promising and truly innovative technology.


Scientific research has analyzed the state of the print media market in Ukraine over the past twenty years. Crisis periods of media development are singled out, in particular, special attention is paid to the COVID-19 pandemic. In addition to catalyzing drastic changes in the print media market in Ukraine, factors have been identified that significantly affect the development of the general media market: digitalization, destruction of logistics, periodicals, outflow of advertisers from traditional media, rising raw material prices, lack of subscription culture. alternative.

Online Fundraising as the Main Innovative Tool of Non-profit Organizations

The article deals with the dynamics of online fundraising in Ukrainian non-profit organizations, analyzes its tools and features, describes the main tendencies in using online technologies, examines new formats, opportunities, effective tools for the development of non-profit sector and identifies processes,that are necessary for effective functioning of non-profit organizations in context of digitalization due to the transition to online format. The world experience of various models regarding the application and use of online technologies is analyzed.

Influence of digitalization on the public policy forming in Ukraine

Problem setting. The COVID-19 pandemic, global quarantine, quarantine restrictions created the conditions for society to react quickly. Digital technologies are now being used more intensively, and the public administration sector is no exception. At the same time, the country's development requires systematic strategic and tactical decisions that will accelerate the introduction of modern digital technologies in all spheres of Ukrainian society, also forming and implementation of public policy at various levels of government.

Computational approach to law: compatibility with human rights and current regulation

Problem setting. The development of information technologies and especially the COVID-19 coronavirus pandemic have highlighted the problem of digitization of many areas of human activity, including law. Digital tools are increasingly used in the legal business, legal services, law enforcement, including administrative services and even justice. One of the most radical ideas in this area is the translation of legal norms into the form of program code, called “Computational Law” or computational approach to law.

Accounting Procedures Digital Transformation for Business Processes Improvement

The article researches the impact of the digitalization and digital transformation process on the construction of functional management systems of modern enterprises. The article materials consider new information opportunities for business models building and business processes organization. Approaches to the improvement of operational processes and their optimization are substantiated. The evidence is given that the possible way to implement digitalization in certain areas may be: the concept (strategy), staff training and education, the new technologies implementation.