: 38-45
Lviv Polytechnic National University
Weekly of the Ukrainian minority in Poland "Our word"

Scientific research has analyzed the state of the print media market in Ukraine over the past twenty years. Crisis periods of media development are singled out, in particular, special attention is paid to the COVID-19 pandemic. In addition to catalyzing drastic changes in the print media market in Ukraine, factors have been identified that significantly affect the development of the general media market: digitalization, destruction of logistics, periodicals, outflow of advertisers from traditional media, rising raw material prices, lack of subscription culture. alternative. In the consumer information market today, there is a change in the sources of information retrieval, resulting in the primacy of social networks and search services. This indicates that traditional media are exhausting themselves as the main source of information consumption among the population.Peculiarities of the development of the print media market in Ukraine in the period 2000-2021 are associated with many objective and interdependent factors that have certain and specific characteristics. This thesis is confirmed by the dynamics of the issue of newspapers and supplements during 2013-2020, when the actual output of print media decreased by 31%. We managed to identify three key periods: 2008 - economic crisis (publications reduced their budgets, and some did not stay on the market); 2013–2014 - the second economic crisis (reduction of editorial budgets and closure of publications); 2019 and until 2021. - COVID-19 pandemic. The set of three crisis periods, as a result of which the factors identified in the study, are the main characteristics of the development of the modern print media market in Ukraine. Also, given the Russian aggression, another period needs to be singled out now - the Russian-Ukrainian war of 2022, which completely destroyed the logistics of printing and distribution of print media and the advertising market, and the information market in general has undergone significant changes. 

The print media market has experienced and still suffers from a shortage of money, which generates the following consequences: 1) falling revenues from both subscriptions and advertising; 2) reduction of staff in the media; 3) reduction of financial remuneration of journalists.

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