Problems of research of documents during investigation of crimes in credit and financial sphere

The article examines the problematic issues of research documents in the credit and financial sphere. The material of the investigative inspection contains signs of criminal activity mainly in the documents and explanations of persons, namely: acts of inspection, audit of tax authorities, inspection of the NBU and internal audits of the bank (audit); accounting and financial documents containing traces of forgery, etc .; official statements of the bank's management, statements of victims, etc.

Features of exposure of signs of counteraction of legal economic activity: the applied aspect

The methods of feasance counteraction legal economic activity are investigated in the
article. Information generators are certain about the facts of preparation or feasance of
counteraction of legal economic activity. An author is classify persons that prepare and
accomplish counteraction of legal economic activity. The algorithm of actions is worked out at
receiving message about the requirements of stopping of legal economic activity, limitations
legal economic, about the obligatory conclusion of treaty, and also requirements

Programme Product Development for Information Protection on the Ground of Films With Hidden Latent Images

The authors developed a new data protection method, which is based on security printing. This method can be employed for protecting financial documents such as banknotes and securities in general. The protection method creates hidden messages or images, which become visible on counterfeited documents. The way of increasing the efficiency of digital image detection and localization of unauthorized interference “copy paste”.

Features of proof process in ordering proceedings

The features of proof process are investigational in ordering proceedings. Judicial practice is analyzed in relation to proofs that are confirming each of claims according to which the forensic order can be issued. It is established, that the stage of presentation of proofs in ordering proceedings, unlike a lawsuit, gathers with the moment of presentation of statement about delivery of order of court. Such sign of ordering proceedings as a documentary is peculiar only to the moment of debtor’s appeal of forensic order.