Problems of research of documents during investigation of crimes in credit and financial sphere

: 129-132

Baranyak V., Svidinska V. "Problems of research of documents during investigation of crimes in credit and financial sphere."

Lviv Polytechnic National University, Institute of Jurisprudence and Psychology
Lviv Polytechnic National University,student Educational and Scientific Institute of Law, Psychology and Innovative Education

The article examines the problematic issues of research documents in the credit and financial sphere. The material of the investigative inspection contains signs of criminal activity mainly in the documents and explanations of persons, namely: acts of inspection, audit of tax authorities, inspection of the NBU and internal audits of the bank (audit); accounting and financial documents containing traces of forgery, etc .; official statements of the bank's management, statements of victims, etc.

The current state of document circulation in the credit and financial sphere has reached a level where only a small number of documents are handwritten. Today, most documents are produced on sign-printing devices, and the only "individualizing" object of the latter are signatures.

When solving identification tasks, there are cases when the expert refuses to resolve the issues in cases where the signature is simple in design, it does not contain the letters of the name or surname of the performer, which can lead to forgery of such signatures by others. The opinion was expressed that it is expedient to pay more attention to features that reflect the structural characteristics of movements, in particular the degree of pressure, features that reflect the spatial orientation of the signatures and the movements in which they are performed.

Only originals, in some cases duly executed copies, should be the objects of forensic investigation of documents. Photocopies, photocopies and other copies can only be used to find the original documents from which they were made.

The peculiarity of the investigation of crimes in the field of economic relations is that the main material of the study are documents which should be understood as securities, forms, invoices, bills, invoices, transactions and records, draft accountants, documents in electronic format.

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