Peculiarities of the human rights protection mechanism in criminal proceedings

Adequate legal protection in the criminal process plays a leading role, as it is an
extremely important and obligatory element of state and public development, and serves as the
basis for the formation of a democratic rule of law and civil society. Building a rule of law is
impossible without respecting the guarantees of human rights protection, without providing a
clear mechanism for the functioning of such a specific democratic institution, such as the bar.
The value of legal institutions that are called upon to protect human rights is growing

Legal nature of the office in the system of protection of human rights and freedom sand the citizen

In  civilized  democratic  states,  an  advocate  is  an  integral  factor  in  the  legal  system  and 
the  main  non-state  institution  for  the  protection  of  the  individual,  his  rights  and  freedoms. 
Thus,  the  lawyer,  in  the  fullest  sense  of  the  word,  defines  the  right  to  legal  protection  or  legal 
assistance  provided  by  lawyers  to  those  in  need.  Advocacy  is  an  extremely  important 
instrument  of  democracy,  because  in  essence  it  is  the  organization  of  professional  advocates 

Features of bringing to administrative responsibility for offenses that infringe on intellectual property objects

The article deals with the types of responsibility for violation of rights in the field of intellectual  property.   The   peculiarities  of  administrative  responsibility   concerning  the  violation of intellectual property rights are investigated. Also, there are indications of legal liability for violations in the field of intellectual property.

Lexical and grammatical variations of law conceptosphere

The article examines lexical and grammatical variations of law conceptosphere that reflect the linguistic conceptual picture of the world. The law conceptosphere includes, respectively, concepts from the field of law such as the concept of law, justice, judiciary, etc.. Language is rightly called one of the means that explain spirituality of a man, its system of values, mentality, the way of thinking, the process of generating ideas, outlook, behavior.