Densities, Excess Volumes, and Partial Molar Volumes of Butyl Methacrylate Solutions in Some Organic Solvents

Densities and excess volumes of the binary systems of butyl methacrylate with acetonitrile;  acetic acid, benzene, 1,2-dichlorethane, and hexane have been measured as a function of composition at 293 K and atmospheric pressure by pycnometric method. The measured excess volumes were correlated by polynomials. The partial molar volumes were calculated by experimental data.

Simulation of Change in Density and Viscosity of Crude Oil When Mixing

The deviation of density and viscosity values of oil mixtures from those calculated according to the additivity rule has been examined. Mathematical models have been developed for determining the properties of mixtures with different compositions taking into account the group composition of the source components. Mixtures containing components with a high content of alkanes and a low content of arenes have been found to be characterized by extreme deviations of density towards the maximum and kinematic viscosity towards the minimum.

The connection of chemical composition and physical properties in mountain rocks of the Earth's crust and mantle and their dynamic changes under different thermobaric conditions

Determining the physical parameters of geomaterials under high temperature and pressure conditions is necessary in connection with the fundamental issues of geology and geophysics. It is also aimed at solving applied problems, such as establishing relationships between physical parameters and chemical components of rocks under the earthly conditions of temperature and pressure.

Особливості хімічної стійкості та мікротвердості гартованого скла

Досліджено вплив гартування скла традиційним та новим контактним методом на величину мікротвердості та хімічної стійкості 6 мм листового флоат-скла. Виявлено, що присутність у склі залишкових напружень призводить до зменшення мікротвердості та хімічної стійкості, однак скло гартоване контактним методом є більш твердим та стійким до дії соляної кислоти, ніж скло гартоване повітрям. Встановлено, що причиною зниження хімічної стійкості та мікротвердості гартованого скла є утворений на поверхні скла шар із низькою густиною.

Deformation accompanying of processes of consolidation, deconsolidation and phase transitions in internal structures of the Earth

The processes of consolidation, deconsolidation, phase transitions and destructions in the terms of internal structures of the Earth аre studied on the base of non-linear theory of deformable solid bodies.  It is shown that the loss of stability of equilibrium state can precede to the processes of deconsolidation, phase transitions and destructions on geometric form change (structural instability).

Seismic-gravitational effect of oil and gas reservoir in rocks of the crystalline basement on the base of mathematical modeling

Mathematical modeling of effective elastic and acoustic properties of granite reservoir rocks that has different pore space structure was done. The acoustic properties of granite porous-cracks reservoir were determined. The algorithm and software for solving the problem of joint inversion of seismic and gravimetric data based on Born’s approximation for the space-time Green's function with meansquare background velocity for the horizontally-layered medium has been developed and tested (on an example of the Prykerch shelf model).

Густина, надлишковий об’єм і парціальні мольні об’єми розчинів ізобутилметакрилату в ацетонітрилі і бензені

Density and excess volume of the binary systems of iso-buthylmethacrylate with acetonitryle and benzene have been measured as a function of concentrations at 293 K and
atmospheric pressure by pycnometric method. The values of excessive and partial molar volumes of the components were calculated. The excess volume for the acetonitryle – isobuthylmethacrylate system receives negative values and for
the benzene system – isobuthylmethacrylate – positive values.

Autochton of the north-western Сarpathians – geological structure and hydrocarbon potential based on the results of integral interpretation of geological and geophysical data

Purpose. The aim of the presented research was to analyze the problem of increasing the hydrocarbons resource base in Carpathian region by means of poorly explored deeply buried sediments of flysch formation in Folded Carpatians and Precarpatian foredeep. Relevance of conducted study concerning deep autochthonous sediments complex is caused by discovering Lopushna oil field in the underthrust of Pokuttya-Bukovyna Carpathians. Methodology. The research was performed by creating a spatial integral seismic-gravity model of northwestern part of Carpathian oil-and-gas bearing province.