інформаційні технології

Key role of information technology in providing business process reingeneering

The article shows the relevance of business processes reengineering as modern method of domestic industrial management of enterprises which are operating in specific conditions of economic instability. The concept of business processes reengineering evolution is researched and schematically represented. This evolution reflects the semantic content of management tool and shows the change of key factors at each stage of its theory. The key role of information technology in reengineering theory evolution is described at the present stage of economic development.

Geospatial analysis of greenhouse gas absorption and emission by forests in Polish Carpathians

This study is showing the results of modeling of components of phytomass in forests of Podkarpackie, Malopolska and Silesia voivodeships and the deposited carbon in it. An analysis of the geo distributed deposited carbon in forests of Poland was conducted and multi digital map was compiled. Purpose of the study was to develop tools for geo distributed analysis and assessment of deposited carbon based on the statistical data on stocks of vegetation, species composition, distribution by age and classes using other forest inventory indicators that were the official sources.

Mathematical models of investment in field of information technology

This article examines a question of basic factors that affect the efficiency of IT investments. Structural components and the effect on investment were investigated. A multi objective model of investment allocation in IT for the period and election of the initial date of investment was proposed. The methods for making decision and elaborated recommendations for using these methods were analysed.

Submission multidimensional data to manage IT projects

Tthe article presents the theoretical principles and proposes methodological and practical recommendations to enhance the effectiveness of the information system. The analysis of the basic principles and techniques of project management and information processes is presented and methodology of corporate information systems project management is grounded.

Intelligent system for sightseeing tours content analysis

An intelligent system for sightseeing tour was developed. Using the results of sightseeing tours analysis the knowledge base was created for advisory program tool for tour route selection and real-time tracking. An analysis of recent researches in data mining of tourist spatial movement was made. Program tools for data collection, processing and analysis of movement and tourist expenditures during the sightseeing tour were developed.

Information technology in tourism. analysis of applications and research results

The article has the form of an analytical review of new information technologies in tourism. The author presents the most important characteristics of the research made by leading specialists in e-tourism industry. The analysis of the impact of research works is made and a number of urgent problems in IT-oriented tourism sector are found.