інформаційно-комунікаційні технології

Умови, стратегія та перспективи розвитку інформаційних технологій

Розкрито сучасне розуміння феномена інформаційного суспільства, подані показники, тенденції й прогнози впровадження інформаційних технологій у світі та його вплив на глобальний розвиток. У цьому контексті розглянуто соціокультурні зрушення в Україні, безпосередньо пов’язані зі впровадженням і використанням інформаційних технологій, зокре- ма: поширення нових форм масової комунікацій, трансформація та розвиток систем «циф- рової» демократії та електронного урядування, сучасних технологій. Розкрито стан проблеми розвитку інформаційних технологій.

Information System Supporting Decision-making Processes for Forming of Securities Portfolio

Due to large-scale changes in the economy in the world and in Ukraine in particular, there has recently been a significant increase in interest in the problems of investment theory. An example is the intensification in recent years of the purchase of shares of large international companies and cryptocurrencies and, according to the rapid growth of their values. It is known that as a special case, the theory of investment considers the task of optimizing investment portfolios.

Information System of Accounting for Methodical Work of the Department

An Information system for the analyzing the methodical work of higher educational institution department has been developed. It is established that the methodical work of the department is of great importance in ensuring the quality of educational activities of higher educational institutions, which provides in particular the availability educational and methodological support of the educational process and information systems for effective management.

Remote study as a question of modern university education: philosophical and legal measurement

In the article, we found that the rapid application of distance learning technologies
guarantees higher education institutions: a significant increase in the subjects of the
educational process (organization of training for a wide audience - simultaneous involvement
of a large number of students); a significant reduction in the cost of organizing the educational
process (no rent of premises, savings of utility bills, etc.); a significant increase in the quality of

Key components of the information-educational еnvironment of the modern university

The aim of this paper is illumination of value and influence of informatively-communication technologies on a structure, maintenance and quality of university informatively-educational environment, and also determination of tendencies in relation to their further development and application at higher school.

Оcобливості навчальної дисципліни “Інформатика”

The paper emphasis on the importance of Informatics in shaping of students’ knowledge, skills and competences, which are required for the effective use of new information and communication technologies in teaching and learning (and later professional ) activities, daily life, it is singled out the features of the course “Informatics “and noted the practical results achieved in teaching the subject.

Досвід упровадження сучасних інформаційно-комунікаційних технологій у видавництві Львівської політехніки

Розглянуто досвід упровадження інформаційно-комунікаційних технологій у Видавництві Львівської політехніки


The article presents the main regularities analysis of the information society development. The processes intensification of the scientific and technological revolution has led to a rapid increase in the number of technological processes, types of manufactured goods, services and goods for the population, which led to an increase in the volumes and variety of circulating scientific and technical information in society.

Digital evidence is established for the application of information technologies in manufacture on affairs about administrative offences

In the article the theoretical aspects of the study of digital evidence generated using information and communication technologies in the proceedings in cases of administrative offenses from the perspective of dynamic information system using a synergistic approach henotypolohiyi information and information systems in view of similar studies in the European Union. Analyzes the offense the Code of Ukraine on Administrative Offences where information is created using information and communication technologies can be the target of the offense.