Key components of the information-educational еnvironment of the modern university

Kharkiv State Academy of Culture

The aim of this paper is illumination of value and influence of informatively-communication technologies on a structure, maintenance and quality of university informatively-educational environment, and also determination of tendencies in relation to their further development and application at higher school.

Research methodology. Nine major publications and information resources on the subject (scientific journal articles, theses of reports, web-sites, materials of conferences, collective monograph) have been reviewed. Functional possibilities on-line services for students and teachers are exposed. The modern online services are analyzed. There are online editors and cloud storages. During the analysis took into account the possibilities of applying of online editors and cloud storages in the educational process of the modern universities.

Results. The key components of modern informatively-educational environment of the university are allocated. There are: students and lecturers; educational methodical materials and additional informative resources; computer technologies; information and communication technologies, including online services, more and more embedded in the educational process; the website of the university. The importance and value of each component are determined. It has been found fifteen the most popular on-line editors and cloudy technologies that give free services and can be applied in educational process. The future trends of informatization of higher education are defined.

Novelty. An attempt is made in this paper to show modern, alternative and additional ways and instruments of teaching students. The structure of the information-educational environment of a modern University is characterized from the perspective of social communications.

The practical significance. Ukrainian educators may find the information contained in this article useful for developing a new strategy of teaching students and of development and introduction of new educational methodical material, practical tasks, control forms etc.

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