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Determination of internal motivation for stimulating innovation activity of enterprises employees

The meaning of motivation for the development of innovation activity of enterprise is outlined. The essence of the category of internal motivation, as one of the elements of motivational model at the enterprises is researched. In order to improve the administrative processes of the enterprise in the field of innovation activity, the approaches to determine the level of internal motivation of employees of the enterprise are recommended.

Substantiation of the model of innovation activities of the system of public authorities: conceptual bases

Using methodological provision for rational decision-making technology, systems and systems activity approaches, the structure of the innovative activity aimed at updating the effectiveness of the system of public authorities is grounded. Besides, this type of activity is presented as an open system combining the set of internal and external components: the first ones are formed by interacted innovation activities of system-wide, functional and instrumental levels; the second ones include resources, opportunities and favorable preconditions as well as basic types and means of maintenance.

Legal policy in the field innovation and intellectual property

The article explores the legal policy of innovation and intellectual property. The necessity of innovative development of Ukraine as one of the main factors of socio-economic development is substantiated. The approaches to defining the essence of the category of innovative activity are analyzed and the problems of legal regulation of innovative deliberation in the context of intellectual activity while ensuring the innovative development of the country and regions are identified.

Information and innovation component new educational paradigm

The significance of information and innovative components in the development of education. It is stressed that it allows you to accelerate the adaptation of students to future careers, while promoting the development of their capabilities, enhancing intelligence capabilities; intensifying the educational process and making it more productive and efficient.

HR management of industrial enterprises with foreign investment

In the article the features of staffing industrial  enterprises with foreign investments are considered, division of domestic enterprises with foreign capital into groups depending on the purpose of investment are made, ,  the characteristics of business cultures of Ukraine and Germany are considered, the mechanism of staffing providing of the industrial  enterprises with foreign investments is developed.

Small business innovation activity in Ukraine: state and prospects

The article deals with the problems of activation of innovative activity of small enterprises in Ukraine. Development of small businesses is an important factor in ensuring the stability of the economy and its adaptation to the conditions of operation, including integration with the EU. This is what determines the relevance of creating conditions for the development of small business in Ukraine and increase its innovation activity.

Theoretical features of innovative activities in the sphere of consumer services

In advanced countries the development and introduction of innovations – a crucial factor for social and economic development, key to economic security. Innovation processes are currently gaining in importance, their main task is to achieve the companies competitive advantages and a fuller satisfaction of demand of consumers for high quality products and services.

Features of the innovation investment support in Ukraine

The main trends of investment support for innovative activities in Ukraine are analyzed and generalized. The innovative activities of enterprises are studied. The major problems of implementing an innovative model of economic development are identified. The ways to accelerate investment activity in Ukraine are offered and substantiated. The dynamics of the investment attractiveness index and the factors influencing the investment climate in the country are also analyzed.

Ecological and economic principles of recreational activity implementation in scopes of the Nature Reserve Fund of Ukraine

The approaches to the natural resources economic assessment as the starting point for arranging  recreational  activities  within  nature  reserve  fund  territories  are  considered.  In addition, the  ecological  and economic  interdependencies that  are  taken  as the basis  for the complex assessment of commercial and environmental potential of recreation activities have to be researched. The article contains the author definitions of particular processes and notions that occur in the recreational environment of the nature reserve fund. 

Funding of innovations in the agricultural sector of Ukraine under conditions of sustainable development model

The necessity of improving the model of innovations funding in the agrarian sector of Ukraine with the account of globalization processes is proven. The model constructed by the rule of «the golden sequence» is proposed.