Theoretical features of innovative activities in the sphere of consumer services

Received: October 20, 2016
Accepted: October 20, 2016
Kherson National Technikal University

In advanced countries the development and introduction of innovations – a crucial factor for social and economic development, key to economic security. Innovation processes are currently gaining in importance, their main task is to achieve the companies competitive advantages and a fuller satisfaction of demand of consumers for high quality products and services.

To date, to ensure it can basically innovation that should be widely introduced and used in new conditions. The service sector in today's economic climate plays a vital role in meeting the needs of society. As the formation of our country post-industrial information society, the role of the services sector will continue to grow as the needs of the population will continue to grow, and their diversity is continuously expanding.

The development of the service sector and improving its efficiency to meet the needs of society is directly linked to innovation. Also one of the main indicator of the development of the service sector is the competitiveness of services, which is directly related to the level of innovation activities at every service enterprise. The modern economy is a complex economic mechanism, which interact with the various structural elements of commercial, industrial, informational and financial character, for the successful operation of which requires economic changes, taking into account the interests of regions, industries, enterprises and society as a whole. The results of the economic reforms on the basis of activization of innovative activity and innovative management have real economic content only through the system of relations of material production, accompanied by increased rates of operation of each enterprise of the service sphere. The main goal of innovative policy of the enterprises of sphere of services is the creation and development of a database for effective transformation of its economy, when at the forefront of innovative business as a control object 

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