international relations

Relevance of illegal migration processes and international terroristic activity

The article is devoted to the disclosure of the phenomenon of illegal migration, which, in its turn, is an extremely favorable environment for international terroristic activities. It is in the environment of illegal migrants that terrorist organizations look for direct perpetrators of terrorist acts, spread criminal ideas of revenge, hatred of “prosperous” countries and their citizens.

Spain as a Permanent Invited Participant of G-20 (2009-2017)

Spain’s aspirations to increase its role in continental and global integration processes in the context of financial crisis and reconfiguration of international power centers are discussed in the article. It is revealed that the informal representative forum the G20 is an essential element of the system of global management of economic processes. The main purpose of this article is to evaluate of participation of Spain as a permanent invitee of the G20.

Overall analysis of legal regulation hostilities: international and domestic law

The article analyses the issues regarding the necessity to improve the normative framework of regulaiting war relations. It conducts an analysis of the international and national legislations on military law, and the general principles of warfare. The article provides a detailed examination of the main international legal acts that are governing military relations and the lives of civilians during armed conflicts. The work focuses on the issues which require updates of the legislative regulation regarding the needs of time and technological progress.