Foreign experience in releasing minors from criminal liability and punishment with the use of coercive measures of an educational nature

Nowadays, juvenile delinquency is a very pressing issue for many countries around the world and particularly, a rather big problem for Ukrainian society on the territory of our state. The international community is extremely concerned about this issue and takes numerous measures and approves new legal acts to solve this problem. Therefore, Ukraine as a state that is on the path of integration into modern European society and the international community, it is essential to learn from more developed and humane neighbors.

Priority areas of juvenile drug abuse prevention

Suggested that prevention of drug abuse among minors is a set of legal, social, medical, psychological activities undertaken by public and private agencies at the national and local levels aimed to identify and to eliminate the causes and conditions conducive to the spread and use of drugs, psychotropic substances or their unique, toxic substances, alcohol, prevention and elimination of negative consequences for the body of a minor.

Criminological characteristics of domestic violence on minors

In the article the objective expression of Juvenile violent crime, namely psychological impact and physical action. In addition, the author analyzes the concept of the family in the context of criminal law science and practice its use as a term of reference to minors under the law of Ukraine. Also, a study of terminological approach to modeling violent behavior for juveniles, the author concludes that the replacement of certain terms within the criminal law.

Criminological characteristics of the drug abused juveniles

In the article the approaches of different scientists to understand the essence of the offender individual concept are handled as one of the required elements of criminology is the perpetrator. The demand of the drug abused delinquent notion determination and its essential aspects determination is also pre-conditioned by the fact that criminology studies not only the felons but also those whose way of life, communications, views and orientations are evidences of criminal inclination. The proper definition to the personality of drug abused juvenile was given.

Crime as a form of deviant child behavior (analysis of crimes committed by minors or with their participation in the territory of Ukraine for the period 2005–2014 and 9 months of 2015)

This article is devoted to analysis of crimes committed by minors or with their
participation in the territory of Ukraine for the period 2005-2014 years and 9 months of 2015;
crimes committed by juveniles or with their participation on the territory of Ukraine for the
period 2013-2014 years and 9 months of 2015

Providing conditions for self-improvement as prevention of deviant behavior of juveniles

This article is devoted to the importance and merits of prevention of deviant behavior of a minor, the experience gained from previous generations of developments abroad, statistical information and analytical department providing MIA of Ukraine.

Problems of legal regulation of the status of minors in the modernization of society

The paper addresses the problemof the legal status of minors. Particular attention is focused on the variables of the legal and social reality caused by transformation and globalization issues. The features of prerogative factors modernization of the legal status of minors.