Persons served by juvenile in the countries of western and eastern Europe compared with Ukraine

The system of dealing with children in trouble with the law has existed for more than a century, starting with the creation of separate institutions for juvenile delinquents and "at-risk" children, which was soon followed by a series of regulations. Although different models have been in place from the very beginning, the predominant approach has been one focused on ensuring the well-being of the child, i.e. ensuring the best interests of the child.

The role of legal regulation of information security of minors on the internet

Legal regulation is an effective, normative and organizational impact on public relations through a system of legal acts (legal norms, legal relations, individual prescriptions, etc.) with the aim of their ordering, protection, and development in accordance with the relevant social needs.

Mechanism of determination of the kind of the deviant behavior

The article presents a scientific and theoretical review of domestic and foreign studies devoted to the problem of aggression and behavioral deviations in the children's environment. The psychological features of destructive behavior and its characteristics from the standpoint of psychology, sociology and criminal-law sciences are considered. The mechanisms of formation of illegal actions are revealed, and the influence of deviations on the formation of personality is analyzed.

General description of the statusof subjects of offences prevention among children

The author of the article examines juridical and philosophical interpretation of the legal
status of the subjects of offences prevention among children. Existing classification of the
subjects of offences prevention among children is studied. The author of the article gives
propositions for improving the prevention activities of these bodies.

Correlation of humanity and effectiveness of measures applicable tominors

The article deals with the features of the administrative responsibility of minors.
Particular attention is focused on the aspects of correlation of humanity and effectiveness of
the measures applicable to minors. The necessity of individual approach in appointing the
means of influence is stressed, as well as consideration of subjective factors and external
environment, which minors are exposed to