Features of business processes modeling and Its optimization in the context of international activities

Transformation of approaches to business processes modeling in the context of international activity is an effective solution for finding options for expanding the organization's activities, forecasting and minimizing potential risks. The chosen topic is relevant for the study, as the current market conditions are increasing the role of the use and implementation of modern methods of modeling and optimization of business processes in enterprises.

Application features of a systematic approach to business processes modeling at the enterprise

Introduction. The application of a systematic approach to business process modeling is an effective solution for finding options for optimizing the organization’s activities, forecasting and minimizing potential risks. The correct construction of the model allows to systematize each individual process, and all business processes of the enterprise simultaneously. It is important to take into account the peculiarities of the functioning of individual enterprises and to construct business processes in accordance with them.

Comparative Characteristics of the Functional Possibilities of the Computer Mathematics Systems in the Process for Solving Tasks

The comparative analysis of the most common systems of computer mathematics is made and their structure is described. The main functions of the systems of computer mathematics are determined and benefits and disadvantages of using the systems Derive, Mathematika, Matlab, Mathcad, Maple, MuPad, Gran, GeoGebra are directed. The Ukrainian software tool Gran is described which is used for graphical analysis of functions (Gran1), the systems of geometrical objects on the plane (Gran-2D) and objects in space (Gran-3D).

Analysis of Methods for Calculating Electromagnetic Transients in Multiphase Transmission Lines With Distributed Parameters Type of High Voltage Cable Lines

The article describes the methodological bases of calculation of multiphase transmission lines with distributed parameters of the type of cable lines of high voltage for the analysis of electromagnetic and transient processes in three-phase cable lines. Methods of constructing mathematical model, choice of their structure and calculation of model parameters are shown. An example of the use and research of mathematical model data in the Matlab system.


The results of theoretical studies on the correspondence of the numerical value of the critical density of internal energy to the value of the enthalpy of melting and the structural-energy analogy between the processes of mechanical destruction and melting  are  analyzed. The  physical  picture  of  the  distribution  of  temperature  field  formed  at  the  time  of  the  birth  defect, assuming considered previously investigated defect-free matter and assuming that the temperature redistribution in volume and at the surface  is uniform.

Acid Hydrolysis and Ethanol Precipitation for Glucomannan Extraction from Crude Porang (Amorphophallus Oncophyllus) Tuber Flour

Extraction of glucomannan from crude porang flour by acid hydrolysis and ethanol precipitation was studied. Effects of acid concentration, temperatures and time were investigated, kinetics model of the process was developed and the parameters were evaluated based on experimental data. New data on yield and purity of glucomannan under various conditions were obtained.

Improvement of financial postindustrial economic dynamics design on the basis synergy topology, fractal geometry and leading indicators

For the current financial and economic systems characterized by unstable processes both in behavior and in structure. Causes of global financial instability rooted in imbalances and contradictions of international monetary and financial relations, which creates random perturbation of a different nature and give rise to unstable processes. Instability accompanied usually nonlinearities, which requires the development and application of innovative approaches to modeling processes analyzed.


The article is devoted to modeling and optimization of the rectification unit for the separation of the propylene-propane mixture.

Propene (often known as propylene) is a very important building block for a large number of chemicals, including the addition polymer, poly(propene).

Modeling of Innovative Development of Administration of Ooutsourcing Activities of It-Market Enterprises

Outsourcing provides IT companies with a number of benefits and improves the financial and economic performance of their operations. The outsourcing market in Ukraine is developing fast, many types of outsourcing are used in various types of economic activity. Implementation of outsourcing as one of the most popular business models necessitates constant and well-coordinated cooperation with other business entities.

Алгоритм синтезу SPICE схем заміщення гальваномагнітних перетворювачів Холла

The work presents an algorithm of synthesis of SPICE equivalent circuits for galvanomagnetic sensors based on Hall devices. By means of typical library elements circuits were composed in order to take into account magnetic values and sensor’s orthogonal coordinates that are not supported by SPICE. The obtained modeling results fit the results of experimental investigations and form the basis of the sensor’s calibration procedure.