правова поведінка

Essential human characteristics in natural and legal environment

The peculiarity of the essential characteristics of a person in the natural and legal environment is revealed. It consists in the possibility of a person's choice of one or another type of his / her own behavior, as well as problems of self-appraisal, system of values, valuable orientations and freedom of man.

Family in the system of risks of legal socialization

The tasks of the theory of legal socialization include the study of the holistic process of personality formation. The solution of this problem is complicated by the need to understand the problems and risks of legal socialization and the need to further development of sound recommendations for their prevention and overcoming. The concept of risk is multifaceted. The problem of risks is now widely discussed in scientific circles in assessing international, economic, social, legal, financial and other areas of government activity.

Conformist behavior under conditions of socio-legal disorganization

The peculiarity of conformist nature of human behavior under conditions of socio-legal disorganization caused by the differentiation of public institutions, which contradicts the general principles of a particular social formation, is revealed. Great attention is paid to the state of society, which requires active, lawful action rather than passive and adaptive existence from a person.

The critical view on the legal socialization: sublimated slavery or the problem of authoritarian subbmition of a person in non-democratic states

Summary. The article analyzes the relationship between authoritarianism and legal socialization. The concept of "legal socialization of the individual" is interdisciplinary, that is why in our article we will consider it primarily from the standpoint of law, psychology and pedagogy. Typically, the analysis of legal socialization concerns the positive influence of the state and society, creating conditions for better assimilation of social and legal experience, norms and rules of coexistence of people develops positive qualities.