Basic regularities, principles and objectives of the regional management under modern conditions of administrative reform

The article defines basic regularities, principles and objectives of regional development management. The principles of state support of the regional development in the context of Ukraine’s European integration are analyzed. The conceptual approaches to the adoption and implementation of regional development strategies are proposed. Principles of formation of the budget of regional development in the context of the state development budget are grounded, and the model of regional development management is proposed.

Problems of education policy implementation at the regional level

Problem setting. Nowadays, the main task of reforming education at the regional level is the searching for effective mechanisms of implementation, combining the interests of the community (population of a certain territory) in accordance with the priorities of the development of the region. The need to identify and understand the obstacles to reform, their factors and possible consequences, and determines the relevance of the article.

Development of innovation – technological infrastructure in the region: theoretical – methodological aspect

Innovative infrastructure is an effective model of interaction of science, creation of innovations and production, a link between the developer and the consumer of innovation. The lack or weakness of innovation infrastructure creates a dangerous situation for both the country and the region.

An analysis of the development of national innovation systems in foreign countries was carried out and a variety of organizational forms and types of production-technological innovation structures were distinguished.

Prospects for improving the territorial structure of Ukraine in view of the present day

In the article some perspectives for improving the territorial structure of Ukraine in the legal context and in view of today are being discussed. On the basis of separation of the main problematic aspects of the current territorial structure of Ukraine the regional approach as one possible way during the administrative-territorial reform in the country is being highlighted. The basic criteria for the formation of regions and the need for their consideration at the administrative and territorial division are characterized.

The legal interpretation of a regional access in formation of the territorial mechanism of Ukraine

In the article in legal aspect considered regional approach of reforming of the territorial mechanism of Ukraine, as one of the possible options for improvement. Highlighted understanding such multifold category as region. With a glance to historical experience, modern political realities and future prospects, tend was valid for the optimizing of the territorial mechanism of Ukraine, including the feasibility of consolidation of administrative units by the formation of prorated regions.

State and factors of development perspectives of tourist activity in Ukrainian regions

In the paper the regional peculiarities of tourism activities in the regions of Ukraine have been analyzed with use of correlation analysis, the method of a point assessment and with definition of the coefficient of determination. The impact of the factors such as competition in the tourist market, the population size and personal income, tourism resources on the development of tourism business has been analysed. The comparison of the tourist potential of the regions of Ukraine has been carried out with the use of the value index of tourist enterprises.