соціальні норми

Constructive interpretation of legal norms in the paradigm of legal constructivism

The issue of the relationship between the constructivist paradigm and the constructive interpretation of legal norms is revealed. It has been clarified what is meant by a constructive way of interpreting legal norms. In a general sense, constructivism is characterized by the artificial construction (construction) of certain ideal-spiritual or material-object realities or the interpretation of such realities as artificially constructed.

Marginal behavior as a type of lawful behavior

The article deals with the issues of legal (lawful) and illegal (criminal) behavior in general and marginal behavior in particular. It is proved that the analysis of only one aspect of legal behavior (criminal) did not allow to fully consider all its sides, as well as to determine the main ways to combat offenses. Initially, lawful conduct was only the antithesis of illegal acts and could not reveal all its significance for society. Only in the 80s, the question of lawful behavior began to be studied more deeply.