Limitation of state sovereignty in the conditions of globalization: theoretical and legal aspect

In the article, the author discusses the current state and use of the concept of state sovereignty in international law. The author analyzes the issue of limiting sovereignty from the standpoint of real and recent examples in international practice. The article also attempts to trace the evolution of ideas about state sovereignty and analyzes various theoretical and legal approaches to the signs of sovereignty.

The information war as a modern globalization phenomenon

The article deals with the manifestation of socio-legal nature in such a recent globalization
phenomenon as the information war. It has been proven that manipulating information through
psychological influence on an opponent has historically been a means of warfare. It is pointed out that
the peculiarity of the information war is not only that the influence is exercised through the use of the
latest means, but also that it is an uncontrolled resource that is very weakly regulated, and therefore

State unity and the territorial integrity of Ukraine as objects of legal supply

The influence of legal regulation on the state unity and territorial integrity of Ukraine is
investigated. It is determined that the sovereignty of Ukraine extends over the whole territory, the
territorial structure is based on the principles of unity and integrity of the state territory within the
existing borders. State unity and integrity of the state territory means that the constituent parts of the
state are inextricably interconnected, characterized by internal unity. Territorial unity and integrity

To the question whether state sovereigns lose their mentality

The article presents the theoretical and legal characterization of the sovereignty of modern states,taking into account its types and peculiarities of its development under the influence of some processesthat are reflected in its content. The factors of the loss of sovereignty by the states are also determined.

Protecting the freedom, independence and sovereignty in the political and legal concepts of Hegel

The problem of protecting freedom, independence and sovereignty in the philosophical, political and legal concepts of the great German philosopher GVF Hegel. German philosopher made a profound analysis of the role and place of the state in the development and functioning of society. He is one of the first drew attention to the need to protect the state of freedom, independence and sovereignty of aggression. In this respect, revealed the role and place of the people and the army to protect their country.

The problems of ensuring the inviolability of state borders of Ukraine

In the article the author presents the analysis of the essence of the principle of inviolability of border, the theoretical and practical problems of its realization in national law of Ukraine. Constitutional and legal foundations for its implementation creates the need for see full items prospects for improvement legislation in this area in terms of revitalizing the European integration processes.