Gender linguistics terminology as a system

The article focuses on the discussion of hyperhyponymy in the gender linguistics terminology. The systemacity as one of the main characteristics of the term is pointed out, the concepts of terminology and terminology systems are analyzed. It is noted that the hyponymic paradigm is one of the most important categories which form terminological structures. Among the mentioned hyponomic groupsthe two- and multilevel structures, the presence of which is one of the important grounds for the classification of gender linguistics terminology as a category of systems, are allocated.

The Ukrainian contrastive terminology science: the present state and prospects

The article deals with the generalizing and inventorying of the theoretical and practical results which have been received in the frames of contrastive terminology science. In the article the object and subject of contrastive terminology science have been made more precise; the tasks and sections of this science have been characterized; the aspects, parameters and units of contrastive terminological analysis have been defined.

Library and bibliographical terms with the index component in modern Ukrainian language

The article considers the terms with the index component in the term system of Library Studies and Bibliographical Studies. The article analyses two-component, three-component and multi-component term compositions which contain the index component, the origin of words connected with this component, their grouping according to the meaning,their thematic and lexicosemantic groups are outlined.

The main formation stages of the ukrainian electric power engineering terminology system

The main idea of the article is to analyse the formation process of the Ukrainian electric power engineering terminology system. Its task is to create a division into periods, identify the main approaches and the main causes of the electric energy terminology. In order to find out the peculiarities of the formation and development processes of Ukrainian electric power engineering terminology, wetrace history of industry development on the Ukrainian lands and on this background, discover the formation of the studied terminology system.

Analysis of Ukrainian terminology in the field of theory of cognitive activity used for the designation of actions, events and consequences of events

This paper analyzes Ukrainian terminology in the field of the theory of cognitive activity in the context of the recommendations for marking the actions, events and consequences of the events formulated in the standard DSTU 3966. For a number of the most widespread terms of the field, we formulated the sets of terms (verbs of perfect and imperfect form, verbal nouns to denote action and events, and nouns to indicate the consequences of an event).

Development of DSTU ISO 860 “Terminology work. Harmonization of concepts and terms” new edition

The article deals with new version of the national standard DSTU ISO 860 “Terminology work. Harmonization of terms and concepts”. The changes of ISO 860 standard and the problems, which have arisen during its translation in Ukrainian, are analyzed.

Terminology handbooks end of ХХth – beginning of ХХIst century

This article provides an overview of the educational books and textbooks on terminology, textbooks on business language and professional direction of given period, which has relevant sections about terms, terminology and term system. The books, which describes narrow field terminologies, their linguistic peculiarities, formation, development and functioning are reviewed separately.

The contribution of Adelfotesauthors union into Ukrainian terminology in the late XVI–XVII cen.

The article is devoted to the study on 101 linguistic terms, fixed in Ukrainian part of “Grammar” of the author association Adelphotes. The analysis of semantic and grammatical features, motivation and origin of the terms and their elements showed, that Lviv scientists in 1591 have had an opportunity to create the first system of terms of morphology and phonetics, which was suitable for the description of Greek and Ukrainian languages and became a basis for the grammatical works of the authors of the future generations.

Modern Ukrainian rocket artillery terminology: structural analysis

A structure of modern Ukrainian rocket artillery terminology is outlined in this article. Analysis of the main structure types of such military terminology shows that it can be structured into single and multiple word components. The majority of terms are analytic ones revealing a steady tendency to grow in their numbers. Terms using two, three and four words combinations are proved to be more productive. Other structure types of terms are less common which is due to their size.