Library and bibliographical terms with the index component in modern Ukrainian language

: pp. 93 - 97
Ivan Franko National University of L'viv

The article considers the terms with the index component in the term system of Library Studies and Bibliographical Studies. The article analyses two-component, three-component and multi-component term compositions which contain the index component, the origin of words connected with this component, their grouping according to the meaning,their thematic and lexicosemantic groups are outlined.

The research paper considers the terms with the index component in the term system of Library Studies and Bibliography Studies. The index component is a part of a set of notions and, in combination with the adjectives and nouns forms the new multi-component combinations.

Among the term combinations unified with the word index, the following structural types may be singled out: two-component (18 terms), three-component (21 terms) and multi-component (term).

The two-component combinations are formed unified with the adjectives in which the component index is located usually in the postposition, and adjectives are key ones, as they indicate the type or the purpose of certain index, in particular, as to the quality, way of information presenting, according to the location, material presented. Minor part of terms is formed with the addition of nouns to the index component (terms).

The three-component structures are formed with the help of the two-component combinations: auxiliary index (8 terms) and bibliographical index (4 terms).

Terms with the word index are a part of synonymic relations. For instance: author index – personal index, etc.

The term index may play a role of dependant term: compile an index, work with an index…

Thus, it may be stated that the word index has a wide application specter in the library and bibliographical system of terms. Generally, the article considers 4 term combinations, which contain this component. It is a core of two-, three-, and multi-component terms of different lexical and semantic groups. It may be combined both with Ukrainian words (terminological and non-terminological origin), and with the hybrid lexemes with the Greek and Latin roots and national affixes. Pure borrowed lexemes in the analytical constructions with the word index have not been fixed, which is one of the specific features of the term system, that has been thoroughly analyzed.

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