The main formation stages of the ukrainian electric power engineering terminology system

: pp. 62 - 67

Kunch Z., Kharchuk L. The main formation stages of the ukrainian electric power engineering terminology system // Website of TC STTS: Herald of L'viv Polynechnic National University "Problems of Ukrainian Terminology". – 2017. – # 869.

L'viv Polytechnic National University
L'viv Polytechnic National University

The main idea of the article is to analyse the formation process of the Ukrainian electric power engineering terminology system. Its task is to create a division into periods, identify the main approaches and the main causes of the electric energy terminology. In order to find out the peculiarities of the formation and development processes of Ukrainian electric power engineering terminology, wetrace history of industry development on the Ukrainian lands and on this background, discover the formation of the studied terminology system.

The article is devoted to the analysis of the formation process of the Ukrainian electric power engineering terminology system, which enables to understand the causes of different intensity of this process and to predict possible trends of the further development of the terminology system.

Tracing back the history of the electric power industry as a branch in the Ukrainian lands we discovered the periodization of the development of electric power terminology as well as main approaches that were identified in the formation process of the power system terminology, and the main causes of the heterogeneity of this process.

The main formation stages of the Ukrainian electric power engineering terminology system are distinguished:

the first stage (the second half of the XIXth century - 10th years of the XXth century) - the stage of spontaneous accumulation of the term material and the foundation of the scientific grounds of the UETS;

the second stage (20-30th years of the XXth century) - strengthening the foundations of the Ukrainian electric power engineering terminology;

the third stage (1933-1990) - the stage of interference impacts on UETS and minimization of its units frequency operation in terminology industry and discourse;

the fourth stage (from 1991 till nowadays) - the stage of recovery and revitalization of terminological searches.

During the first stage the Ukrainian electric power engineering terminology system was at the stage of accumulation of the terms and the formation of traditions and approaches to its formation. Activisation of the Scientific Society named after Shevchenko, publication of the scientific collections with different publications in any field of knowledge, including the first Ukrainian articles by I. Puluj, M. Vikul, R. Tsehelskyj and other scholars who became the founders of the investigated and developed industry; publication of translation and explanatory dictionaries of O. Kurylo, M. Vikul, S. Ryndyk, G. Kholodnyj - enabled to spread the achievements of domestic and world science in Ukraine, to develop the conceptual provisions of the terminology theory and to offer normative terminology and nomenclature that can build up strong basis for the development of industry terminology. The second stage of terminology is considered to be the period of the "golden decade" of the Ukrainian dictionary, the period of the terminological explosion. A distinctive feature of the term terminology of that time was expressive puristic tendencies: the compilers of terminological dictionaries sought to clear the scientific language from foreign words which, to their mind, were often superfluous in terminology systems, since they hindered the transparency of the semantics of the term, thereby hindering the development of the Ukrainian scientific language. Therefore, the period of 20-30th years of the twentieth century is considered to be the period of justification of the Ukrainian electric power engineering terminology. The third stage is the time of interference effects on the Ukrainian electric power engineering terminology. The result of this phase was the removal of Ukrainian tokens, thus the terms created on the Ukrainian language basis were “repressed”. This is the period of the elimination of the scientific traditions of creation and normalization of UETS, which actively consolidated the Russian-speaking electricity terms throughout the Soviet period. The fourth stage is the time for activation of the terminological searches. The lexicographic and scientific-educational literature on electricity, which was thoroughly analyzed, is used by specialists at the present stage of its development, сonfirms the effort to renew the Ukrainian terminological traditions in normative documents, dictionaries, textbooks and manuals.

We would like to emphasize that the creation of the Ukrainian electric power engineering dictionary terms is extremely important today, that will promote compliance with standards, harmonization of Ukrainian electric power engineering terminology and prevent divergences in existing normative documents.

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