Shafts of various sizes are used in various fields of mechanical engineering, automotive, marine and aerospace industries to transmit torque according to requirements. In this paper, we simulate and analyse the modal and harmonic response of a shaft on which a satellite of a planetary gearbox for an elbow orthosis is mounted. The orthoses are used during the rehabilitation of patients in the postoperative period or during the regeneration of lost limb functions. Steel 45 and PLA polylactide were used in the shaft modelling.


The rotor is a key element of high-speed mechanisms that are widely used in various industries, such as laboratory centrifuges used to separate mixtures of different fractions, gas turbines, industrial compressors, engines, and others. The main requirement for such mechanisms is reliability and safety during operation. To ensure the above requirements, it is necessary to determine the stress-strain state of the most loaded structural elements of the system and the dynamic characteristics.

Justification of vibrating hopper hole parameters during fine grained bulk material unloading

Purpose. The leakage process of the fine grained bulk material (BM) from the unloading hopper is considered. As known the BM behaviour during the unloading process is directly related to the material stress state (active or passive) inside the hopper, which depends on  the  physical and mechanical bulk material  properties, as well as hopper geometric parameters.

Vibration impact and noise protection devices with DVA for wheeled vehicles

The article investigates vibration and noise protection devices for wheeled vehicles using dynamic vibration absorbers (DVA). Algorithms for modeling their dynamic characteristics based on adaptive calculation schemes are presented. A non-linear suspension with DVA and a noise-absorbing partition is considered, which is due to the introduction of a layered composite thinwalled structure with an intermediate damping layer with high damping properties and a DVA system, which provides better vibration and noise absorption.

Influence of public transport ergonomic features on passenger's functional state

The article means an analysis of the passenger transport services quality issue. Researches of public transport routes ergonomic features and their influence on a passenger functional condition are provided. The analysis of such indicators as cabin occupancy rate, noise level, vibration, and acceleration was carried out. Mathematical dependences of the passenger functional condition change considering vehicles ergonomic features were constructed. Threshold values of passenger compartment microclimate, providing the stress index normative values were determined.

The influence of local transformations on the temperature field of the tourbogenerator’s rotor

The method of determining the integral characteristics of the temperature field of a turbine generator rotor in the case of local overheating is proposed in relation to the study of its deflections and the level of vibration; Influence of thermophysical and geometrical parameters of rotor ТГВ-500-4 on its temperature field is investigated.

Vibration of orthotropic doubly curved panel with a set of inclusions of arbitrary configuration with different types of connections with the panel

In the framework of the refined theory of shells, which takes into account transverse shear deformation and all inertial components, the solution of the problem on  the steady-state vibration of the orthotropic doubly curved panel with the arbitrary number of absolutely rigid inclusions  of the arbitrary geometrical form and location is constructed. The inclusions have different types of connections with the panel and perform the translational motion in the normal direction to the middle surface of the panel. The external boundary of the panel is of the arbitrary geometrical configuration.

Optymizatsiia tekhnolohii naplavlennia znosostiikykh shariv na ploski elementy konstruktsii [Optimization of technology of surfacing wear-resistant layers on flat structural elements]

The influence of the profile, surfacing on the formation of the weld by automatic submerged arc wire with powder brand CW80Cr20B3Ti. As a result, design of experiments established the relationship between the geometric dimensions of the seam and the depth of penetration of current value and welding speed. The resulting optimal mode of deposition used in forming the roller for extra vibration substrate.

Complex approach for improvement stability of electronic devices to mechanical destabilizing factors

The paper considers complex ways to improve the stability of electronic devices (ED) to shocks and vibrations, which are the main destabilizing factors among mechanical effects. In mechanical shock, the inertial overload may reach up to 5..15 units. In many situations, the upper limit of the energy spectrum of acceleration reaches 50..150 m/s2. Such large inertial overload very quickly (in tens or hundreds of beats) causes the destruction of regular ED.

Process Optimization of Vibroresonance Sewage Disinfection

Mathematical models which adequately combine their technological parameters with indicators of treatment quality have been designed for the cavitation cleaning processes of sewage from organic admixtures. Water of brewing, milk processing industry and public water use it is considered as sewage.