Criminological characteristics of domestic violence on minors

In the article the objective expression of Juvenile violent crime, namely psychological impact and physical action. In addition, the author analyzes the concept of the family in the context of criminal law science and practice its use as a term of reference to minors under the law of Ukraine. Also, a study of terminological approach to modeling violent behavior for juveniles, the author concludes that the replacement of certain terms within the criminal law.

Violence in the policies and practices of the stalinist totalitarian regime (historical and legal aspects)

The problem of violence in politics and practice of Stalin’s totalitarian regime, the gist of
which lied in the physical destruction, moral and psychological oppression and conquest of all
citizens of the state is analysed.
The effective methods of the implementation of this programme were the politics and
practice of violence, repressions, terror and fear, the lack of human’s rights before the Soviet

Military service shevchenko: 201 th anniversary of the birth

In the article the period of military service TG Shevchenko and his relationship to the
existing “order” in the Royal Army that time. For his revolutionary activities and open
criticism of the existing feudal system, led by Emperor Nicholas I, the poet was sent to serve in
the ranks of the royal army

Terrorism as a method of political struggle (political terrorism)

This article is devoted to investigation the subject of terrorism, what is society-political phenomena, that formed the atmosphere of total fear in population with the aim achievement some politic-economical interests. Was been uncovering the peculiarities of this phenomena, was been analyzed causes of its beginnings.

Criminological portrait personality violent criminalwho commits crimes, sexual motives

In the article a meaningful portrait of criminological personality violent criminal who commits violent crimes, sexual motives. We describe the social component of Criminology portrait personality violent criminal who commits violent crimes, sexual motives. Describing the psychological component of Criminology portrait personality violent offender, focuses on the moral and psychological qualities, dominant traits, social origin deviation.

Regulation of responsibility for crimes sign composed of violence in the history of criminal law

This paper examines the regulation of responsibility for crimes sign composed of Violence in the history of criminal law; investigated trends in the use of guidelines on violence in the monuments of criminal law; in historical perspective defined the notion of violence.

Violence as a political and legal program in theoretical concepts of marxism and its social consequences

The problem of violence in the theoretical concepts of Karl Marx and Friadrich Engels, as political and legal program dictatorship of the proletariat, role of the army and police in bourgeois and socialist society, implementation of Marxist ideals dictatorship of the proletariat in the USSR and its social consequences.