Ensuring the functioning of society in activities of public authorities under the legal regime of martial law

Abstract. The scientific article is devoted to the study of the activities of local self-government bodies during the period of martial law in ensuring the functioning of society, characterization of the concept, competence and features of local self-government bodies, and types of local self-government bodies. The article examines the scientific and regulatory approaches to defining the most important functions of local authorities, in particular, ensuring the constitutional rights and security of citizens.

Improving the efficiency of the legal regulation of fixing damages inflicted to military personnel in the course of combat actions

In the context of the norms of international humanitarian law, the article examines the improvement of the effectiveness of the legal regulation of recording injuries inflicted on servicemen during hostilities. The object of the study is the legal regulation of recording injuries inflicted on servicemen during armed conflicts. The subject of the study is the development of norms used during armed conflicts to record injuries to servicemen.


This article provides a comprehensive analysis of the portrayal of Ukraine in foreign online media such as BBC, CNN, The New York Times, The Guardian following the outbreak of war in Israel, highlighting the interconnectedness of international conflicts and their media coverage. Initially, the article explores the immediate shift in media focus, scrutinizing how major online outlets adjusted their attention from the ongoing situation in Ukraine to the emerging conflict in Israel.


The article presents an attempt to define the term «military photography» as a genre of photojournalism. The article considers the role and significance of military photography in the modern information space in the context of the full-scale Russian-Ukrainian war as an element of visual design of texts and one of the important documents of war crimes recording. The relevance of the publication lies in the fact that armed conflicts, local military unrest, or full-scale wars have long been of interest to the audience in terms of visualizing their course.

Engagement of youth in the formation and implementation of youth policy at the local level in the conditions of war

The general formulation of the issue and its connection with important scientific and practical tasks. Youth policy is very important for any country because young people are the main resource for the future development of the state. Ukraine is no exception, and youth policy presents great importance from the scientific perspective.

Specifics of Big Data Market Development for the Needs of Ukrainian Economic Recovery in the Post-war Period

This article analyses the characteristics and prospects of the global big data market, and identifies the sources of data leakage in the global big data market. A study of the peculiarities of the development of the big data market in Ukraine in the economic context before and during the war was conducted, which revealed the influence of international institutions in the fight against cyber-attacks in the context of disturbances.

Ukrainian constitutionalism in the conditions of war: the struggle for values, rights and identity

Abstracts. The article provides a comprehensive analysis of the functioning mechanism of the constitutional legal order under martial law, in particular the means and methods by which it can protect constitutional values, rights and identity from internal and external threats, and also offers practical recommendations for preventing the possible involution of constitutionalism in the post-war period. 

Problems of prosecuting criminal responsibility for treason in the conditions of war in Ukraine

The full-scale invasion of the Russian Federation created new problems related to treason. The issue of treason is relevant in today's conditions, because it always remains a place for ensuring national security, sovereignty and inviolability of the state. Treason is a serious criminal activity that can bring colossal consequences for the future state.

Separate issues of performing notarial deeds during marital state in Ukraine

Summary. In today's conditions, the research of the legal framework in the field of notary is more relevant than ever. This is due to the fact that in the conditions of martial law, the notary, as well as other structures representing our state, underwent significant changes for the sake of the country's security.