Signs of the transformation of human rights in a globalized society

Vìsn. Nac. unìv. “Lʹvìv. polìteh.”, Ser.: Ûrid. nauki, 2016; 837(9): 378–382


M. Churba

The article deals with the interaction of globalization and the right to modern society. Particular attention is focused on the analysis of the factors changes the interaction between globalization and human rights in today's society. Highlight the following the modern transformation of the іnstitute of rights and freedoms, modifying the content of human rights under the pressure of global challenges; universalization of human rights; complexity of the system of international legal regulation of human rights; change control of the subject of human rights; dissonance between human rights standards and modernist tendencies; recognition of future generations institute full subject of rights and freedoms.

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